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  Posted on May 12, 2015 06:09
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Before voting on any of these contests, make sure to read the Voting Rules for the respective contest. Basic guideline:

- Do not vote if you have less than 200 votes.
- Do not vote on your alternate account, in case it has less than 200 votes. We are not obligated to know that account is yours.
- Do not cheat.

The other voting rules you can find on the topics. Those are just the most common mistakes. However, I'd like to call attention to NBCCC:

Respect NBCCC's time gap. Wait at least 5 minutes after the groups are posted before casting a vote. That's to assure that you've actually read both characters.

ALWAYS A/L/W/A/Y/S A@L@W@A@Y@S include a comment on the character when voting for NBCCC. If you don't, your vote will be ignored. If you keep ignoring this rule over and over again, that will gain you a verbal warning, and in some cases, points-worth warnings that can lead to bans.

Above all else: do not be afraid of voting!
We're all here to have fun and be part of a respectful and beautiful community. So do not feel intimidated by this thread or by the voting rules theirselves. It's a very simple concept: you follow the rules, you win the cookies. Or almost that. Hah.

Have fun, and if you read this thread to this point, here's your cookie for being a good boy/girl/or whatever:

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