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  Posted on May 11, 2015 21:28
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First off, thank you Noctis for hosting this thread for the community. You did an excellent job answering their questions. I'll take over from here with one final post.
HarvyUchiha wrote:
Will cost of chakra exchange lower?

Will clan bios comeback?

Will the comment section on c&s comeback?

Are we getting a new character selection screen?
No, there will be no further changes to the chakra exchange system. This was voted upon years ago and this is what was decided upon.

The intention is to have all clan information return as they once were, but after these more pressing security issues are taken care of.

No, the comment sections will never come back.

You can change the background of your character selection screen yourself. As for any actual changes there from the staff, the answer is 'no'.
sonja77 wrote:
Oh, I appreciate the honest answer. And my last question, what will happen in the future? Will the Webmasters be eligible for being online a bit more frequently and will the site consider members' suggestions on the Ideas & Suggestions topic?

Should we expect some slightly bigger changes or this a one time maintenance of the site.
No, the Web Masters will not be part of this community. For the most part they only converse with me and even with that being said it's extremely little. We only talk when something is going wrong with any of their sites and about how a fix can be put into place. Similar to this situation currently; I am the primary reason this update is getting done today as I managed to get a hold of them. However, it has been, at times, very difficult to get in contact with them. I was promised it won't be as challenging in the future.
Syazwan-Jubi wrote:
Can't be hellblood somehow perma banned
that he can't access here anymore.
Hellblood is not important. Ignore this individual and move on. The moderators will handle any problems he, or others, shall place upon these forums.

Additionally, with the new e-mail validation system being put in place it should hinder any annoyance we get in the future a little bit.
Syazwan-Jubi wrote:
is it possible to find the one who did this all? i mean hacking
is it possible that, n-a chat starts working already now?
center tag is not working
In-game chat has never worked as you're making it seem. At it's earlier stages it used to connect you to our mIRC channel but I doubt that's still active nowadays; I haven't visited that in years. This feature will never truly be implemented, to my best bet, but I would like to have it. Though, it should probably be removed as to avoid any sort of confusion that it's an active functionality.
Attack_on_Titan wrote:
Ya should just delete all these old acc from 06-08 that haven't been used in years to clear up some space and bring back viewable sigs in view profile.
I'm okay with this but it's not a necessary idea to perform. It is true that I was responsible for the initial one several years ago but that was only because the servers we had, at that time, were overloaded with information. It was needed in order to make things run faster. We currently do not have this type of situation.
m149307 wrote:
My question is this: can you please work with GT to get a reliable means of communication so that the site does fall to ruin due to him being unable to be reached when needed?
I answered this question above.
ichi8 wrote:
Will the : embarrassed and the : tongue smilies be fixed?
I'll be sure to get that fixed, yes.
piwlak wrote:
Will layout of some broken pages will be fixed?
Again, this is my intention but not a high priority issue.

Disclaimer: I went through and cleaned up this thread of posts that weren't very important to the topic at hand, or were repeated questions. Please note that this does not mean the post was bad. I just wanted this thread to be neat and compact.

Anyways, now is not the time to recommend further enhancements to this site. While I know that it needs them, and you, along with the staff themselves, deserve to have some, they are secondary to fixing these very critical issues that we're currently going through. Furthermore, balances and character creations have been put on hold until all issues are firmly fixed -- and this has been our stance for awhile now. I know this may come across poorly to some but there's no point on working on a site that's extremely broken to the point that the community, as a whole, is getting ripped apart by malcious anonymous people. So, please try to understand our perspective here. (This goes for forum actives/events too.)

Either way, the things I intend to get fixed, along with the security issues we've been having are the following:

1) E-mail validation.
2) Fixing pages not showing up properly in some places.
3) Supplying new functionality to the forum staff -- which existed already on S-A; this helps us serve you better.
4) Every functionality that S-A's community had that you did not. This includes your youtube ability that all of you have noticed.
5) Fixing the clan page information not properly being displayed.
6) Getting rid of this annoying 500 Internal Server Error.

.. and there's probably more that I've forgotten as I've had a lot planned up until this point. In either case, I figured I'd be direct with what my plans are going forward but this does not mean that all of these will be implemented as they are up to Gametester's discretion.

With that being said, I'll lock this thread. Everything has been covered and nothing else is left to be said.

Thank you for your patience on this issue and I'm sorry it's taken so long to be fixed/worked upon,

P.S.: Also if I made typos my fault. Not going to bother proof reading all of this.

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