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  Posted on January 5, 2015 20:57
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The following rules pertain to the Official Contests sub section and apply to all of the Ninja Works official contests. Ignoring these rules will result in a punishment listed below. Please, notice that, as all section rules, these overwrite global forum rules, but do not make them unsuitable. Breaking these rules will lead you to a warning/ban punishment (according to the severity of your error) as every global rule.

A) Pertaining to submissions

1. Ripping of any kind is strictly forbidden. Indeed, there is a global rule that enforces punishment on this infringement, but we’d like to give it a special attention here. Ignoring this rule may lead you to a warning or a ban, according to the severity of your act.
2. If the set time for submissions is not respected, the Ninja Works staff reserves the full right to disqualify your entry.
3. You cannot participate on contests if you have a main account banned on Boards. It is considered ban evasion.
4. You cannot tell anyone which entry is yours. Doing so will qualify you as a cheater, which is better explained on point C).
5. The Ninja Works staff has the right to disqualify your entry, if we don’t find it suitable to the suggested theme or any other irregularities, including (but not limited to) ban from contests, ripping.

B) Pertaining to voting

1. When voting, you agree to and must follow all of the voting rules listed on the contests topics. If you will not follow the rules, do not vote.
2. You can only vote for one entry. Posts similar to: “I’m between entries 1 and 5” or votes that suggest any other ambiguity will be ignored.
3. In case a comment is required, the non-usage of these comments for the first time will gain you a verbal warning. If the same issue happens for the second time, you will receive a proper, points-worth warning.

C) Pertaining to cheaters

1. Those who have been caught cheating will be first banned from the competitions for a period of time (e.g. two weeks). If you were banned from Nbccc, for example, you'll not be able to participate in ANY of the other contests, including Nbccc. A ban will get you banned from all official contests.
2. If you were caught voting for cheaters and helping them win, you can expect the exact same punishment the cheaters themselves will receive.
3. If you were caught cheating for the first time, you run the risk of having all of your points so far reset from all leaderboards. Whether or not this will happen lies on the hands of the Ninja Works staff, with the final word of the section head. It depends on how severe your cheating was.
4. Your second ban for cheating on the competitions is always a permanent ban from all contests and special events. Cheating on a special event (e.g. Christmas events, Spring events and so on) shall lead you immediately to a permanent ban from all competitions, regardless of how many times you have been banned.
5. A ban from the competitions affects all of your current accounts.

If you have any doubt, feel free to contact the Ninja Works staff. We’ll be glad to help you. Good luck on participating! We hope you find your way to victory!
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