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  Posted on May 21, 2014 15:26
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August 19, 2007
I'm rising in the Sun like a Pheonix, that's true shit
Who you bitch ? An irrelevant motherfucking nuisance
Speaking these lyrical spells yea that's magic
Judge just killed y'all in one verse that's tragic
I smash shit like hulk, wreaking that havoc
I straight fuck your bitch, then like Rondo I pass it
Pass it to the next man, keep that bitch on her knees
I pity the next fool who dare try oppose me
Slash your throat like Freddy then slice you like Jason
Send you on a premature 6 foot vacation
You feel it vibration, a deadly sensation
Praying for the day when I get vindication
Somebody throw this on the vinyl , man it's a classic
Cause 4 bars will have you feeling fantastic
And 8 of mine will have you late to any function
And 16 will have you sitting struggling to function
That's what I call slight work, talk shit get hit matter fact get murked
I lean back and shoot out these bars like I'm Dirk
Taking over this little place that we call Earth
Y'all awakened Judge , this is my rebirth
Deliberate back and forth tell me who's first
Don't keep me waiting long I gotta quench my thirst
Somebody come get this lyrical outburst

Who want it?

Light skin & I fight good just like Muhammad Ali....Jab nasty , hook good ...just like Muhammad Ali
  Posted on May 21, 2014 15:35
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I'm tired of you ninja's, cause all y'all some lames.
I'm bout to drop tracks hotter than an Uchiha's Gokakyu Flame.
I run through yo village and show you the true meaning of Pain.
I'm insane Pull a Yuuhi and fuck wit' yo brain.

*drops mic, walks off stage*
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