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  Posted on February 6, 2014 02:41
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Games Section Rules

1. Making topics about where to torrent or download illegal copies of games or consoles is not allowed. Emulators are also not allowed. Asking for links to them or providing them yourself will be considered advertising.

2. Unless the topic is about comparing consoles or games to one another, do not post on the topic how much better console 1/game 1 is to console 2/game 2.

(Ex. Going on a thread regarding the Xbox360 and saying "360 is poopy, Wii ownz")

3. Tournaments can be stickied by a staff member from Interests & Social Area. See the Moderator List.

4. You may not create topics for the purpose of discussing competitor games. Competitor games can be defined as games that are either a free-to-play Naruto game or a multiplayer flash game. Links to downloading games, forums, or game sites will still not be tolerated.
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