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  Posted on December 22, 2013 19:24
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1. Free Discussion is allowed.
2. Do not engage in Fanclubs where the material or content is not to your tastes. When you post on a Fanclub you are agreeing to posting positively in regards to the subject. (Ex. “Sakura Sucks” on a Sakura Fanclub is not allowed) (Ex. “Kakashi is a really good character! You guys are wrong!” on an Anti-Kakashi FC is not allowed).
3. Do not bash or otherwise insult the fans of things you do not like in ANY fanclub.
4. Fanclubs are NOT exclusive. Topic creators do not hold ownership of who may or may not post. Memberlists are not allowed to provide openness to everyone, regardless of post count or reputation of the individual.
5. Fanclubs that hit 500+ pages will be locked.
6. Spoilers will not be moderated. By viewing this section, you are subjecting yourself to being spoiled about the subject.
7. You are limited to only 7 reserved posts as a topic creator.
8. Member Fanclubs are not allowed. This includes staff.
9. Fanclubs that are not appropriate for Naruto Boards are not allowed. This is at the staff's discretion. If you are not sure if your fanclub is appropriate or not, ask a moderator or GM.

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