Welcome to the House of Humor [READ ME]

 Topic: Welcome to the House of Humor [READ ME]
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  Posted on July 16, 2013 03:04
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Welcome to the House of Humor section. After many discussions, the I&SA moderators have decided to create this sub-section in Miscellaneous to replace the House of Humor topic. The purpose of the HoH topic was to give members a place to post all funny screenshots, pictures, gifs, jokes etc. without flooding Miscellaneous with them. Posts and topics that fall into those categories now have a home here.

Free discussion is allowed in this section, and while we want you to enjoy as much freedom as you can here, you must keep forum rules in mind, especially:
Do not post/link any explicit material containing sexual, racist or disturbing/upsetting content.

If you post something that breaks this rule, it will be removed or your topic may be locked, and you may receive a warning.

Keep in mind this sub-section is on a trial run which will last for roughly a month. During this time it will be monitored closely to make sure things remain under control. If all goes well we can keep this section relatively rule-free. However if we feel the need, guidelines for this sub-section may be added in the future, or we may also look for alternative options on what to do with these kinds of topics.

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