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  Posted on July 11, 2013 05:05
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Due to an influx of misplaced topics in this section, it became necessary to emphasize how important it is to post in the correct section. Ever since the section has been created, it's been said that the Anime Series Discussion section is only for official topics, meaning that it only allows ONE topic per series which invariably must follow this format. It's also very important that you search around and check this list before creating new official topics.

If your topic is talking about anything anime-related, such as industry news, questions, recommendations and whatnot, it should be posted in Otaku Chat. Remember that we have an exclusive forum for Naruto located here, so anything pertaining to Naruto should be placed there. Additionally, if you're going to create a versus topic, make sure to post it on the Battledome.

In case your topic does not follow the section guidelines, be aware that it will be either moved or most likely deleted and you may be subject to warning (which may lead to bans.) If you are still unsure about which section to post in, feel free to contact any A&M moderator listed here

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