The Basics of Making an FC

 Topic: The Basics of Making an FC
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  Posted on May 23, 2013 19:04
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To help members create their own Fanclubs, this topic was created. Within this post, it will be explained what your FC should have in order to be successfully approved by the staff.

Your FC should contain graphics that support its content. At the very least you should have a banner. That banner could be made in paint. We don't care. You can also incorporate icons, avatars, userbars and more.
Your FC should inform us about what your topic is about. This description does not have to be long. This can be anything from history, videos, timelines, quotations etc.

In order to have clarity, please place a tag in front of the FC.
EX) [SasukexHinata FC] Clan Ties
EX) [Anti-Sakura FC] The Pink Hair Troll

A good example of a Naruto character FC: Example
A good example of a Naruto pairing FC: To be added
A good example of an Anti-Naruto FC: Example

Example of the bare Minimum: Example
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