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Welcome to the new Naruto-Arena Guides section! This section was made so guide makers can have their guides displayed in a new way instead of among the cluttered Team Strategies & Missions(TS&M) section. This section also creates a place where Team Shops can be posted instead of mixed in with hundreds of Team Requests in TS&M. Each Month in this section there will be a ‘Guide of the Month’ and the Guide Maker will have their guide stickied for the entire month, promoting their guide.

If you have a guide you wish to post that isn’t currently in this section, then please feel free to post your Guide in this new section.

Purpose of This Section:
To make finding Guides for Naruto-Arena easier for anyone looking for them. As well, to have a designated place where team shops can be posted without the worry of clutter.

Post count in this section is OFF, to prevent post count hunting.

Section Rules: There are only 2, so be sure to follow them!
1. Spam posts in this section will be deleted without warning, so try to keep posts on-topic in the guides.
2. Plagiarism is a form of ripping and will not be tolerated. Keep all guide content original and do not steal another persons guide material or content.

Guide Status:
We use a system of tags in this section to let users be aware of the current state of the guide. No one is forced to update their guides, so be aware that not all guides in this section will be up to date!
Meaning behind the tags(These come before the topic title):
(Current) - Guide is up to date and functioning well.
[Updating] - Maker is currently updating the guide.
[Old] - Guide is out of date and missing some info.
[Inactive] - Maker is inactive thus making it impossible for them to update.

If you have any questions about the guides in this section, or even a question or concern about your own guide, feel free to PM any Ninja Headquarters Moderator. You can find a list of them, here: Link!

We hope you enjoy the new section and the new way guides are posted here on NB.

NHQ Staff
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