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  Posted on May 17, 2012 00:05
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Welcome to the Miscellaneous section! Please be sure to read all the listed rules to ensure the quality of this section and to ensure that no rules are broken.

- The Miscellaneous section is not a place where you can post anything you want. It is the section you post in when all other sections have nothing in common with the topic you want to post about. Read this for more details!

- Your topic needs to have some form of discussion to it. Topics that lack discussion will be locked. Example: You make a topic that says, "I saw a dog today and it ate four lady bugs!"
--Additionally, if your topic was locked, do not make another one, private message the moderator that closed it to find out why, if reason was not given.

- This is not a place for social networking. If you want someone to be your friend or to add you on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, or social media platforms simply use a pm, don't make a topic. Below is the only topic we allow for trading social networking usernames:
Skype topic

- The following threads are not allowed:
• Topics pointing out swappers, instead read this. Follow the directions in the two posts, as this is the only legitimate way to report swapping. Additionally posts claiming you are reporting someone are not allowed, always use the private message system to report someone to a moderator.
• Popularity contests about forum members, this includes staff members as well.

Lastly, in this section we host the national polls, two polls posted monthly by the moderators of this section. The first poll is the Random poll, that asks a question like "What's your favorite candy?". The second is the Serious poll that asks questions with regards to community, "How do you like the latest changes to N-B?". These polls are locked and stickied for roughly a month, they are then unstickied and new polls will take their place. A list of the previous polls can be found here.

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