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 Topic: Regles Pour La Section Francais
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  Posted on November 4, 2007 04:31
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June 2, 2007
These rules will be posted in English, because if I write them in french, the people who will be breaking them won't have a clue what they've done.

This is the section for those who enjoy the French Language. Posting in English is usually inappropriate. If you don't already get what I'm saying, that means avoid posting in english. There will be times when I can understand the need for using english, but those times are few and far between. If you want to speak in English, go post in an english speaking section.

For those of you who do post in French here, I appreciate your efforts very much. There aren't very many posters who speak french. That being said, most of them aren't native speakers, many are americans who are studying. So for people who are fluent, please try to avoid using internet jargon such as "ke=que or ki=qui" and similar things, it can make it very hard for a student to understand.

For those of you posting who are students like myself, none of us can ever claim to be fluent. That is still not an excuse to mix english into your french posts. Half the fun of posting in a section like this is speaking in a language not your own. Using a translator for a word or two, or up to a paragraph is perfectly fine, I do it myself. Just try to use it sparingly, as the translator is never completely right and it can get annoying to read.

For those who post here because you want to learn French.

Learning by trying to pick up phrases and random tidbits of information is no way to learn a language. If you are looking for a way to learn it on the computer, I recommend Rosetta Stone. It is not a very expensive program, and can be done at your convenience. You just sit at the computer, look at pictures, and repeat what they say. I don't know how it works, but thats not my buisness, all I know is by the time you finish, you can speak french.
Then you can come post here.

Here are a few points that I did not address above, but hoped didn't need to be addressed. I decided they did.

~as always don't spam
~if you are constantly speaking non-french here, I will treat it as spam and warn you
~if your topic begins in english, i will lock it. End of story. You can at least go to the effort of making your title in french
~this topic is for people who enjoy speaking french. If you don't enjoy french, don't post.
~don't advertise other languages, countries, or anything non-french related
  Posted on February 23, 2009 05:47
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July 30, 2008
First off, any English text will be considered spam. French Section = French Language

Je vais commence avec premiere dire que il faut que vous lire tout les regle et n'oublie pas de etes responsable.

1. Spamming: Cela veut dire que tu n'ecris pas quelque chose en rapport avec le sujet. Copier ce que quelqu'un d'autre a ecrit, c'est spammer aussi.
2. Disputer: Ne dispute pas, ce n'est pas bon et ca ve dire que je doit te avertir.
3. Double: Cela veut dire que tu postes deux fois le meme message sans attendre que quelqu'un d'autre poste.
4. Flooding: Poster plusieurs messages en peu de temps sans but particulier
5. Inappropries: Ne pas poster de propos choquants
6. Moderateur: Avertir les gens qui ne respectent pas les regles du forum
7. Action: Ne parle pas a quoi les moderateurs font.

By Grimmy.
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