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  Posted on January 6, 2012 06:20
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Update: As of January 6, 2016, the add-on still works.



First and foremost, I'd like to take this time to greet you all a very Happy New Year. With 2012 here, it is my absolute pleasure to offer you something for the new year: a brand-new add-on for Mozilla Firefox that allows members to switch the forum's skin.

As some of you are aware, the 'prototype' and primary add-on offered by Slavik-Sensei and the staff is no longer working with the recent versions of Firefox. There were bugs and glitches within the add-on as well that limited the efficiency and availability of the add-on's features. Many members did not even have the chance to test out the add-on and look at the forum in a different and, perhaps, more colorful way.

Inspired to fix and recreate the add-on, my good friend Nelo_Angelo1 and I worked diligently to create a newer version of the add-on that is compatible with future versions of Firefox. In addition, he, also being a graphics-maker, created additional different skins and templates for the forum. After more than a year of hard work, we're proud to release and offer you the newer version of the add-on. Here we go!

• This add-on is only compatible with Mozilla Firefox (more recent versions the better). If you do not have the browser, easily download it here.
• The add-on currently allows the user the option of choosing from nine different and customized skins. Do note that the older skins crafted for the previous add-on are also contained in this newer version. You may see screenshots of these various skins in the "Skin Previews and Screenshots" segment of this post.
• Even though the released version of this add-on is finalized, there might still be some minor errors or bugs. Information on how to report and provide feedback on the add-on is explained at the bottom of the thread.
• Your surfing speed of the forums might slightly slow down, in regards to the many new images allocated within the skins.

1.) Download the add-on here or search "Naruto-Boards Theme Case" in the search bar of the add-ons page. Click "Add to Firefox." Upon installing the add-on, you will be prompted to restart your browser. Do so. See image for details.
2.) Locate the Menu Bar in Firefox. It is usually located on top of your browser window. If you cannot find it, simply press the ALT key on your keyboard. Then access the "Tools" window. Click the "Naruto-Boards Theme Set" option in the Tools window afterwards. See this image for details.
3.) A new window containing the add-on’s menu should pop-up. Now you may choose which template you want to use. Simply select the skin you wish to use and scroll to the bottom of the window. Hit “Apply” and then “Ok” and finally close the window. Click for the screenshots: 1 & 2
4.) Refresh your browser and access Naruto-Boards with a different look!

• Feel free to view the skins individually first before selecting them in the Options menu. Appropriate credits to the creators and designers of the following skins are located in the Options menu itself. Also note that the following screencaps are rather large, requiring you to click the image once to zoom it to full-size after clicking.

• Grimm’s “Shippuden Layout” – Click!
• Sasuke_NewYork’s “Sasuke Layout” – Click!
• Nelo_Angelo1’s and Punk117’s “Gaara Layout” – Click!
• Nelo_Angelo1’s “Tobi Layout” – Click!
• Nelo_Angelo1’s “Bleach Layout” - Click!
• Nelo_Angelo1’s “Sora Layout” – Click!
• Nelo_Angelo1’s “Spooky Layout” – Click!
• Nelo_Angelo1’s and Kimber’s “Christmas Layout” – Click!
• Nelo_Angelo1's "Summer Sensation" – Click! <-- NEW!

• You may offer feedback and suggestions, questions, and bug reports on the official discussion thread of the add-on located in a topic here.
• Additionally, since the add-on is distributed via the Firefox Add-on Website, it will be easier for us to update it. We WILL be updating the add-on as time progresses and will be taking in various suggestions in consideration.
Thank you so much for using the add-on. We hope that you find it useful, exciting, and fun to use! I would also like to personally thank Nelo, his helpful volunteers who helped with the project, Slavik, who first created the original add-on, and the moderating staff for their continued support, and of course, to you, members who make helping NB fun!

July 9, 2012 = New Summer Sensation theme added.
January 12, 2012 = Fixed Buddy List glitch & tweaked a couple of things.
January 5th, 2011 = Add-On is released to the public.
  Posted on July 10, 2012 02:52
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Hey, NB!

As a gift, Nelo_Angelo1 created another theme for the add-on. It's called "Summer Sensations," especially designed for this year's summer.

We hope you enjoy this sweet summery treat! Look at a preview here!

Also, we would like to know if anyone is experiencing errors regarding the links on the top of the page (new topics, control panel, latest replies). We would like you to report them here. If you have anything else to report, suggest, or if you just want to say thanks, post here.

In behalf of Nelo and the staff, I wish you a fantastic summer. Go on summer lovin'! <3

In other news, this is my 6555th post.
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