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Akatsuki, just the name itself brings emotions of power and respect into all those that hear it. This Akatsuki has gained its power through the countless years of its existence, and earned the respect of its peers. Akatsuki was the first clan to ever grace the circuit back in 2006, and still remains strong to this day. Although it might seem to have fallen from better times, Akatsuki has always survived in the shadows as a reminder of what has, is, and will be. Although no clan may be free from the inevitability of decay, Akatsuki has shown time after time that it will not fall. Akatsuki has decided to step out of the shadows again to mark its claim on this circuit. Naruto-Arena and War-of-Ninja, non can stand up to challenge when Akatsuki rises from its throne to lay waste. Brace yourselves, Akatsuki is coming. Are you prepared?


Chapter 1: The Beginning
It was late June early July-ish, the official date has long since been lost. Oreacharound decided to make a clan, and named it Akatsuki. He looked to the moderator at the time Knightmayre to reserve the clan name, but Knightmayre mistook it and made his own Akatsuki. The two met and after a while became one, the greatest NA clan ever, Akatsuki.

Chapter 2: The First Downfall
About a month after the founding of the Akatsuki clan, with more members then it had ever had, and for a long time would ever would have, nearly 50 members were a part of the clan. A few smaller starting up clans had started to taunt some of the higher up members, jesting that they were weak due to their excessive amount of members, and that the clan was to easy to get into. This angered Knightmayre, and after meeting of the most respected members online at the time, they decided to set the clan to 20 members. After kicking close on 30 people out of the clan, 20 members were left.

Oreacharound was not at this meeting, almost a day later, when he learned of this, flew into a rage and left Akatsuki, taking a sizeable chunk of members with him. After this, Knightmayre fell sick, and another chunk of members, believing the clan to have been disbanded, left to start their own clans.

And so, 3 major clans were formed, Nijuu-Shoutai by Oreacharound, Soul Society by Fatdog, and Sound Village by Kinker. These three would be Akatsuki's greatest rivals for power in times to come.

Returning, Knightmayre found his clan in ruins. He chose Tapioca to replace Oreacharound, and together with Tapioca and Raizen-1, Akatsuki was reformed. This took time though, and other clans had risen to power in Akatuski's absense.

Chapter 3: The Return
After this, only around 9 members were left in Akatsuki, and so they began carefully recruiting and restructuring.. Soon after the completed restructure of the clan, Oreacharound discovered the return of Akatsuki, and for a while a flame war of epic proportions was carried out both in secret and in public between Knightmayre and Oreacharound, despite the neutral relationship of the two opposing clans.

During this period, Akatsuki began to recruit again, scouting around for the best members they could find, and as such, after picking out the rising stars of the early NA world, Akatsuki once again began to grow.

Eventually Akatsuki was once again at the top of the clan world, tied in first place with Oreacharound's NS, Fatdog's SS, Kinker's SV and a new and upcoming clan was close behind them, AC, lead by Yokutai.

Chapter 4: The Second Downfall
Sound Village and Soul Society pretty much died, leaving Akatsuki, Nijuu Shoutai and the upcoming new clan AC, led by Yokutai, as the only major clans left. Yokutai was recruited into Akatsuki after leaving AC, and so began a new age for Akatsuki.

A few people that had left the falling clans of SV and SS had joined Akatsuki, and as they began to return, their members began to return as well. A few of the members who had just joined from these clans returned to them. Then began the Second Downfall.

Soon, from NS and Akatsuki, members started to leave and join SV and SS. In a desperate attempt to stop the mass flocking of members to SS and SV, Yokutai began banning and kicking members that were deemed "unloyal, with Knightmayre's backing, as he didn't want a second downfall. But it was already too late. Members had been lost, either through leaving Akatsuki or through Knight and Yokutai's "Witch Hunt". Once again, Akatsuki was crippled, and it was looking less and less likely it would fully recover this time.

Chapter 5: Rising Up Again
The Second Downfall was less damaging to the clan then the first one, and Akatsuki managed to retain it's position as a powerful clan though it was far from the top. The clan was nearly disbanded, but a meeting of the upper echelon of the clan stopped this. The original member cap of 20 was increased to 30, and recruiting began again, this is the period where most of the well know members the clan has now were recruited.

After a while, SV finally collapsed, and left leaderless, AC also fell. Several new clans rose, though few could match Akatsuki for power.

Chapter 6: The Golden Age of Akatsuki
After the journey uphill, Akatsuki kept rising and won several cups and leagues within NA, and the clan firmly secured its position as one of the greatest clans of this age and of all time.

Chapter 7: The Crash
You all remember this: NA once crashed. All our beloved streaks and hardworking laddermatches were lost. This was hurtful, and shortly after, the layout of NA was changed completely and the game got a whole new level of skill classes. In other words, lots of updates in a short ammount of time. Far from everyone in Akatsuki fancied this. The love for NA was fading, some members left, some got inactive, and Akatsuki went once again more and more into the shadows.

Chapter 8: For the glory of Akatsuki
Even though living in the shadow may be relaxing, it is not the path to dominance.
Time went on, and a new game, known as WoN, was made. Members tried it out, their interest returned and people came back one after another, some only to leave again, and a few to stay. A new leader, the maker of Orochimaru, Temari, Tayuya, yes, noone else than Kamatari, was appointed, a bunch of new active members were recruited, and the already weakened clan tried taking part in a couple of cups and wars, but unfortunately with very little success.

An anti-joke follows: "Once upon a time there was a prince and a princess. They married as was the social custom of the time, and produced a series of children whose purpose was to sustain the royal bloodline for many years to come." The leaders of Akatsuki realized big changes had to be made for the dominance to once again prevail. The three legends Knightmayre, Raizen and Kamatari, had led Akatsuki through thick and thin ice, but the ice was now thinner than ever before, and Rai and Kama realized that. Knight and Rai positioned themselves as founders, Kama stepped down, and two new clan-leaders were appointed: Hanz, the prince, and Gard, the Princess. They started recruiting on a level Akatsuki never had recruited before, and shortly after, the entire NA-community started realising that the rumored "dying clan" was far from dead. Akatsuki rapidly got new members from all over the globe, has now started climbing on the path back to the top, and will not stop before it reaches it. For one thing is clear, and everyone in Akatsuki couldnt have agreed more: We are not going to give up before Akatsuki once again becomes remembered as the diamond that never stops shining.

Watch us!


Akatsuki has had a long standing policy of recruiting through an invitation system, but do not let this stop you from trying to join however! We have established the following guidelines for potential members to follow if they wish to join the legion of Akatsuki. The recruitment system lasts for a minimum of three weeks (four weeks for GFX'ers), but there is a possibility of your application to be extended for a longer period of time, depending on the circumstances.

Phase One: Acquaintance

>Impressions and be acquainted with the members.

> Introduce yourself on xat! Get to know the members and mingle.

> Hanz_the_dark21, Gardover, Raizen or Kazuo_Oda will send the applicant an application meaning you have advanced to Phase Two.

Phase Two: Entaglement

> A test of skill, luck, and hardiness.

> The applicant must be ready to have his or her skills tested appointed by the leaders. This can happen anytime so be ready!

> By now, you should already be aware that we host tournaments regularly from time to time. Join them and try to win them!

> GFX candidates will be given a random stock to create a large piece with by one of our GFXer's, 10 avatars with any stock or render with the text "Akatsuki" on it with the font "Weltron Urban", and a total of three signatures made for Akatsuki members.

> Akatsuki members reserve the right to extend additional games or more works, and their discretion is final and absolute.

Phase Three: Nova Prospekt

> The part where an applicant must wait for deliberation, possible acceptance, or rejection. A note to the untrained, we are inclined over personality and tolerance equals gaming or GFXing prowess.
Deuce4eva wrote:
I don't doubt it, but someone who wishes to join just due to the fact that the members are skilled doesn't interest me. as a matter of fact i would rather have an unskilled humble person over a skilled arrogant in my clan anytime. NA skills can always improve.


Akatsuki would have not gotten where it is today without it's members. The members of Akatsuki range all over the spectrum of personalities and abilities, but they all are unique and amazing in their own way.


Alias: Knight, Knighty-Knight
Origin: Land of Water (Australia - Canberra, ACT)
Partner: Tapioca
Ring: Rei [Zero]

"One of Akatsuki's Triumvirate, Knight has been one of NA's prolific members ever since it's inception. Known to be the very first Naruto-Arena Moderator (even before the Forums), he was always of assistance whenever he is around and gained a decent amount of friends along the way. Moreover, he's one of the mature members who would get out of his way and dedicate himself on something worthwhile. Though he claims to have selective memory lapses, he is one leader who prefer to sit on the sidelines but will stamp his authority when people need some direction. And don't forget that." - LeyChance

Alias: Tap, Tapion
Origin: Land of Earth (North America - Illinois, USA)
Partner: Knightmayre
Ring: Rei [Zero]

"He can be a little weird at times, but is generally a good bloke. He was one of the founding members of Akatsuki, and is assistant leader to the clan. He was a driving force in the resurrection of Akatsuki after the first downfall, and was Knightmayre's best friend. He was a powerful force in game as well, at one stage being one of the better players of the time, but he has been lost to The Ninja RPG for a while now, despite several recon and rescue missions by me." - Knightmayre


Alias: Hanz
Debut: August 7, 2009
Origin: Land of Earth (North America - Pennsylvania, USA)
Partner: Satellizer
Ring: Kyu [Nine]

"The biggest entrepreneur of all time, who proudly can carry the badge of “Akatsuki leader.” No one has ever before climbed the ranks of Akatsuki like Hanz, and no one ever will. Our dark leader has a “will of fire” to get things done, and bolts of lightning that are capable of eradicating everyone in his path. He also often use his supercombo-attack, shooting lasers out of his eyes, like when he saved Saturn’s rings from certain destruction." ~ Gardover

Alias: Essie, Boobs
Debut: December 17, 2011
Origin: Land of Lightning (Europe - Netherlands)
Partner: hanz_the_dark21
Ring: Kyu [Nine]

"Are you asking for one word which describes this woman? Well the word would most likely be… BOOBS. Satellizer, also known as Essie, Ester or just Boobs, is a true Dutch woman who loves beer, football (I mean the real one, not the American version of ‚football! ;D) and books. Essie, for me is like a long lost sister. Oh God, you wouldn't believe how much things we have in common. I really hope she can become a millionaire one day and make her wishes come true, which are traveling, and visiting Akatsuki members. Once you start talking to her, you won’t stop laughing and you especially won’t get bored at all because of her talent on finding great topics to talk about! Never forget one thing - she brings the FUN and the BOOBS!" ~ Kikinka


Alias: Gard, Gardo >_<
Debut: September 22, 2007
Origin: Land of Lightning (Europe - Norway)
Ring: Shou [Little]

"Gardover, Akatsukis little big soldier, is one of the most fantastic guys there is. When he comes to looks he is flawless, he has sexi eyes, perfect hair, and all the girls go nuts over his big guns. But before I go on and on and on about how sexi he looks, let me stop for a moment and tell you how amazing he is. He is one of the nicest, coolest, and most respectable guys that I have had the pleasure of knowing. An effin beast at naruto-arena and his team collection is wowtastic. A true Akatsukian (saywa? o.O ) in looks and in heart, we are very happy to have this guy a part of the clan and we are never going to let go off him, so back off fools or you shall feel the wrath of my guns! " ~ Aleksyondy

Alias: Kinka, Kristy
Debut: September 9, 2009
Origin: Land of Lightning (Europe - Czech Republic/Italy)
Partner: Gardover
Ring: Shou [Little]

"What can i say about Kikinka other than she is really kind, trustful, lively person, who loves to chat and talk with her friends! She has a weird sense of humor, but that only adds to her cute factor, right? She is very loyal to her friends, doing anything for them and she even says she would die for them. She also loves animals, especially those cute seals! Dont be deceived by her womanly nature though, because when it comes to sports you better watch out! She really loves hockey (up to the point of obsession), is a fan of the Pittsburgh Penguins, (Wooo!) and has a secret crush on their Captain Sidney Crosby.(Shhhh) So there you have it folks, your one and only Kikinka650! :)" ~ Hanz


Alias: Raizen, Rai
Origin: Land of Fire (Asia - Maldives)
Partner: Mirroga
Ring: Shu [Scarlet]

"Raizen can be summed up as a brilliant leader, he has kept this clan together through its multiple downfalls, and even further has managed to make it one of the best clans on NA, in our humble opinions. He is always selfless kind and friendly, even when he has to cope with far too much, though he doesn't complain, too much. He used to lead the moderating team on NA and he was always highly revered by all the mods and trusted by the admins and often helped to create characters for the game itself." ~ Kamatari

Alias: Mir, Mirror, ''Master Drainer"
Debut: September 21, 2006
Origin: Land of Fire (Asia - Philippines)
Partner: Raizen
Ring: Shu [Scarlet]

"Hell hath no fury like a chakra drainer scorned. That should sum up Mirroga's affinity. One of the senior members of the clan, he has been a constant personality who never ceases to impart knowledge on matters concerning teams, updates, even on animes and the latest games. He is also known to conduct the fabled Mirror of Ascension tournaments, which only the shrewdest and most prolific strategist in NA survive. Somewhat an enigmatic force, don't be fooled by the mystery he exudes. Or he'll drain the life out of you." ~ LeyChance


Alias: The Beautiful Kostas
Debut: April 29, 2007
Origin: Land of Lightning (Europe - Greece)
Partner: Kamatari
Ring: Yuu [Evening]

"You would have a difficult run in with words in describing the man known as Kostas. Has a vivid imagination, articulate, dependable, a true friend, and one of Akatsuki's great players; he has a knack of tormenting his opponents due to his keen reflexes (rumor has it that he can pick a fly using chopsticks) and can see ahead of his opposition just by looking at the other team (he hasn't been beaten in a game of chess, playing himself). Once considered one of the best players, Kostas can still school any young'n with his eyes closed. Due to his dedication and vision Kostas is now an admin in charge of running S-A, Just don't mess with his glasses, or he'll turn you into a frog. Ribiit." ~ LeyChance/Kostas

Alias: Kama, "El Capitan"
Debut: February 17, 2007
Origin: Land of Lightning (Europe - Great Britain)
Partner: Kostas
Ring: Yuu [Evening]

"A no non-sense guy, he's has been on Akatsuki almost the same time as me. Kamatari as far as I know is a good-natured, intelligent, and an approachable guy. And he's a hell lot of a great player too, and I admit some of my staple teams are his suggestions. He's got a knack on simplifying my complex justification of team strategies and has the ability to go the extra mile when it matters, whether it's in-game or in clan-related things. A former moderator of Naruto-Boards, he was one who had a clear sense of justice and one of the best mods before that flawed 'revamp'. I look up to him, and he doesn't know that. Just don't question his potato fetish. =o" ~ LeyChance


Alias: Ant, Ant-Ant, Ant-Ant-Ant
Debut: September 22, 2007
Origin: Land of Earth (North America - Massachusetts, USA)
Partner: AleksYondy
Ring: Hikari [Light]

"As the old leader of the original ICY, Antarctic is a born leader. Ant is a very very skilled player of NA and is someone that should be feared. He is always up for a private battle and will help you get better if needed. When he starts something he puts everything he's got into it and never gives up. Ant is a great guy who has a great sense of humor and is an awesome guy to talk to." ~ Shikamaru_nara92

Alias: Aleks, Yondy, Smexy, Fabio
Debut: September 24, 2007
Origin: Land of Lightning (Europe - Albania)
Partner: Antarctic
Ring: Hikari [Light]

"Quite apart from being a talented NA player, with unusual teams and strategies, Aleksyondy is apparently very sexy, or so he says, maybe narcissistic, but we wouldn't say so, and we would go as far to say anyone who says so is just jealous of his sexiness. He is very sporty and athletic, likes to go to lots of parties, and also has a refined taste in music. He is generally a friendly and fun person who is a pleasure to talk to and get to know" ~ Kamatari

Akatsuki Thread -- Akatsuki Recruitment Topic -- Akatsuki Xat
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Alias: Kiba, Kibbles, Pillow Lover, Xelaman
Debut: December 6, 2009
Origin: Land of Lightning (Europe - Romania)
Partner: Ninetailsboy
Ring: Eien [Eternity]

"Kiba, Alexander, Xelaman or The Godfather as some call him is a very popular individual, thick headed and serious most of the times. He is an experienced coder that created a total of 3 forums and currently developing a game for people's use. This guy was originally a moderator for one whole year on the boards, however because of his real life and coding business he resigned making his life better. He is literally flawless on the internet, except that one time he got drunk and went on Windows Live and started philosophizing about how squirrels should dine with tigers and we should take pictures because it would be very cute, brainstorm, eh? Nah, I'm kidding, he just stickied a porn topic and then went to sleep. While being half-drunk is like that, when he's awake and not at work he tends to do homosexual jokes and harass me and Nyc, his best friend, while moments later, he'll be drunk again.What really scares most of the people is his huge ego, the size of Mount Kilimanjaro, inflicts utter superiority on half-wits and amuses me more than most comedy shows. You will never meet someone like him and that's why I respect this guy and won't do something that will humiliate him, so, don't ever dare to anger him or you'll feel the wrath of The Godfather!" ~ Rey

Alias: Godhawk, Tails, Rey
Debut: May 6, 2010
Origin: Land of Lightning (Europe - Romania)
Partner: Kiba510
Ring: Eien [Eternity]

"GodHawk, Ninetailsboy or Tails also known as Rey which is also his real name. I know him for over 3 years now. That's a pretty big friendship relation over the internet, am I right? Well the secret stands in him. Indeed, his qualities kept me close to him and this is the reason we're still friends now. He is a very smart guy with great leadership capabilities, that's why he is the leader of all of my and Nyc's projects and we trust him. Rey is like a expandable bridge that expands to keep the staff together when we have different issues. Do you feel like having some fun or just leave the boring mood behind, sometimes, well Rey will make this happen. With his cool jokes and youtube funny video links you'll laugh histerical in no time.
He is also a very popular person in the arena websites. He has been a moderator on Naruto-Boards for a few months, resigning after this time for some reasons.
If you ever try to meet him you'll find out that he has many other interesting things that will make you realize how cool is this guy."
~ Kiba


Alias: Pedro, Pink Unicorn
Debut: October 22, 2010
Origin: Land of Wind (South America - Brazil)
Partner: BrianBr
Ring: Hi [Fire]

"UzumakiPedro18, not the son of Yondaime like Naruto but might as well be for how sexy this man is, is a very big gossip (fact from his friends.) Kikinka even calls him pink unicorn for how young, cute and "pink" he is. He is very talented, like mostly everyone in Akatsuki, experienced in in-game, and lets not forget his dazzling and beautiful works in the gfx section. He even knowing how to play guitar! Even though he is young, conversations with him makes you think that he is quite the mature individual. He holds his Brazilian mates close, meaning he would never betray you if you were his friend. Like a typical Brazilian, he is also full of those weird yet funny emoticons on msn. Glad to have you on board Pedro! ~ Hanz

Alias: Brian
Debut: April 21, 2010
Origin: Land of Wind (South America - Brazil)
Partner: UzumakiPedro18
Ring: Hi [Fire]

"BrianBr. The Beast from Brazil. Destroyer of Dreams. The Mad Streaker. Call him whatever you want, but we all know its gonna end with you losing! Brian indeed is a monster in NA, always down for a tournament, winning the 2009 1st edition of "Supreme Player" and becoming the runner up for the next edition of "Supreme Player". Impressive right? When hes not pwning people in NA, he usually watches soccer, following his most favorite team. That or he parties all night and drinks beer and whisky. So when you do find yourself in a tournament with BrianBr, you might as well kill yourself to save the trouble. Meet the almighty BrianBr!" ~ Hanz


Alias: Grimmy, Chocolate, Leo
Debut: March 24, 2010
Origin: Land of Lightning (Europe - Portugal)
Partner: Xyber4
Ring: Jinsei [Life]

"Born in the Iberian country of Portugal, Grimmjow, or more commonly referred to as Grimm is not that much of a grim person. If anything he is pretty upbeat. Grimm enjoys the life of sociality, being partial to parties, clubs and anywhere else he can hang out with friends. After all, he has worked before as a model; and what model doesn't enjoy the social life? In his spare time, Grimm enjoys football (soccer), house music, and going to the gym to tone that model body of his." ~ Kostas

Alias: Xyber, Blake, Blakey
Debut: October 30, 2008
Origin: Land of Earth (North America - Virginia, US)
Partner: -Grimmjow
Ring: Jinsei [life]

"Xyber, a very sensible and quite humorous man that has been a source of inspiration for as long as i can remember. While most of the time he is a joyous fellow, you better watch out for him in the battlefield he might just kill your precious Team 7s and your AoE teams. Between Silvos and his cookies and Rai with his trademark "o.o" our clan has been developing more and more and this guy is no exception. I hope only for the best for Xyber and his future in the clan." ~ Zylx Hyuuga


Alias: TCE
Debut: August 29, 2009
Origin: Land of Earth (North America - New Jersey, US)
Partner: Kazuo_Oda
Ring: Mizu [Water]

"TheChaoticEnd, is a nice and hardworking person no doubt. An NA veteran, his long and epic journey in the land of NB was a tough one, fighting his way through tourneys facing seasoned warriors of NA. Longing for a clan of handsome and beautiful people like him, he found his way to our clean and trusty hands. Apart from being a good friend of mine, TCE also, with his diligent attitude, has a unique talent for gfxing, even creating his own style on which he calls "Urban". Did I mention hes also a good in-gamer? I am very proud to have found him and took part of his recruitment. Witness TheChaoticEnd." ~ Hanz

Alias: Kaz
Debut: February 8, 2010
Origin: Land of Earth (North America - Ohio, US)
Partner: TheChaoticEnd
Ring: Mizu [Water]

"KazuoOda, aka Oda, is an interesting fella. It is said he once choked a bear to save a kitten. While that is in itself strange, the fact he says he will do anything for gummi bears only adds to the oddity of the event. After all, it is a commonly known fact that gummi bears are close relatives to real bears. That aside, Oda loves music—music is in fact, his life. That is possibly one of the reasons why he says that ladies love him. We'd like to add here that by ladies, he more than likely means female gummi bears." ~ Kostas


Alias: Shad, Shadow, Shadman
Debut: August 1, 2008
Origin: Land of Fire (Asia - India)
Partner: Deidararampage
Ring: Han [Half]

"The epitome of creativity, we have been witnesses on how vastly improved Shad has become since joining Akatsuki. He is a renowned GFX artist, an accolade which I am really proud of since I have been wearing one of his creations on my signature for more than a year now. He has the traits of a bonafide ninja, hiding in the shadows, with NA gaming prowess to match most of Akatsuki's best. Best of all, he is a true friend with a bright view of things and silly antics that are never dull. Oh, and he is fixated with mammaries." ~ Leychance

Alias: Zylx, ZylxHyuuga "Hokage Brat"
Debut: July 5, 2006
Origin: Land of Earth (North America - California, US)
Partner: MrShadow
Ring: Han [Half]

"Having been in Akatsuki since the start, Zylx is one of the veteran players that still hangs around the site. In fact he got to the top rank of Hokage before you (the reader) even realized N-A even existed. Despite his obvious superiority to you, Zylx can sometimes act emo, and tends to have a low self esteem. He constantly jokes about quitting, but seeing as he has not in all these years, we don't take him seriously. Zylx is extremely caring about the clan, after all, who would hang around a clan for so long if he didn't?" ~ Rai


Alias: Leelee, LRM
Debut: 12 December, 2011
Origin: Land of Earth, North-America (New-Jersey)
Partner: Christiano_Uchiha
Ring: Sora [Sky]

"Oh, so you thought this guy actually was Rock Lee’s personal trainer? Good! Because you are 100% correct. LRM’s hair, his teddybear, his awesomeness and perfectness, reflects Gai more than you can imagine. He is also pretty “beef” and was born in the leaf with a determined mind that is one of a kind. The only difference is probably LRM’s superslick Asian Girlfriend, something Gai had not. The master is a fantastic family member and a good brother to anyone, and Akatsuki was prouder than ever when he accepted his invite to the clan." ~ Gardover

Alias: Chris
Debut: 13 Oktober, 2011
Origin: Land of Wind (South America - Brazil)
Partner: LeeRockMaster
Ring: Sora [Sky]

"Is one of the many powerful men from the amazonic forest that has lunged his way into Akatsuki. Like BrianBr, and UzumakiPedro18, this man is a player to be afraid of when you see him in the battlefield (not so much pedro anymore). Chris, as we call him, is very easy to get along with, but you do not want to get on this man's bad side, for he will unleash the power of the amazon forest, summoning the wild animals of Brazil to feast on your disgusting corpse. Other than that, Chris is a gentleman, who dislikes drama very much. Chris is known to use his Brazilian aroma to attract the females of the world, allowing him to create a magical rainbow of female aroma, which grants Akatsuki the power to dominate flash games." ~ LeeRockMaster


Alias: Nyc-Nyczei-Super Kami Guru
Debut: 5 February, 2011
Origin: Land of Earth (North America)
Partner: Predatel
Ring: Ito [Thread]

"Nyczei-Super Kami Guru is obviously not New York City nor is he a guru, but an average guy, with an average job and an average salary....That's what you think, *wrestling music starts* This man roams the Latin American streets and sites, lurks in the darkest corners of the city and the sewers, he gets any spanish chick he wants and he talks about how tight they are and how mighty he is. His name! Is Nyc! and it rhymes! With dick!...Long story short, he is a fun sociable guy with good gaming and amazing coding skills and will surely help you if you're in need of something non-homo. (if he doesn't end up taking an arrow to the knee like everyone else)." ~ Ninetailsboy

Alias: Pretzel
Debut: 27 November, 2011
Origin: Land of Water (Australia)
Partner: NYCMonsta123
Ring: Ito [Thread]

"Predatel, also known as Pretzel, is an Aussie war machine ready to destroy anyone and anything for the Glory of Akatsuki. He can be found in a trance slaying fools while jamming out to songs by Mac Miller. No doubt, Predatel is a hardcore, Akatsuki soldier. With a burning passion to be number one, Predatel continues to train like an enraged beast until he cannot train no more. When asked to destroy his former village, he gladly agreed with a smile and said, "Yes fearless leader". Glad to have you on boards Predatel. ;)" ~ Hanz_the_dark21


Alias: Fleur-De-Lis or Terry
Debut: 15 May, 2011
Origin: Land of Earth (North America)
Partner: Voltei
Ring: Gen [Black]

"Prescience - Aka Fleur-De-Lis or Terry, is for sure one unique fighter that have done a great job on the lesser travelled fields of WoN. He, allied with Voltei and Mirroga, has kept a strong Akatsuki fortress out there, proving his tactical capability. When it comes to AMV, there is noone above Terry. He has loads of experience, and knows exactly how to cook together lots of movie-shizzle to catch any anime-fan's eyes on youtube." ~ Gardover

Alias: Volt
Debut: October 22, 2006
Origin: Land of Earth (North America - California, USA)
Partner: Precience
Ring: Gen [Black]

"Voltei, being a senior member, still commands the fear and respect of all NA to this day. His most known achievement was first breaking into the Top 10 Most Wins then seizing the second place spot. Sadly, the Great Reset stripped him of what would have eventually and undoubtedly been the first place position. Voltei lays waste to his opponents using remarkable cunning and the ability to assemble teams that consist of character combinations which would be inconceivable to most players. Chances are what ever-seemingly odd yet devastating team Voltei is using today, everyone else will be using tomorrow. Aside from his indisputable shinobi dominance, Voltei is a polite and humorous person that is cherished by our great clan." ~ Doomstench


Alias: Mirky, Mirmirk, Mirri, Luis, Areeeee69. murk mirk mark
Debut: 27 November, 2011
Origin: Land of Sand (Africa - Venuzuela)
Partner: Akatsukig
Ring: Ryo [Complete]

"Are you looking for a live and ambitious guy that photoshops his ideas into amazing GFX? Are you looking for an American that gives Free Hugs to everyone around him, and that is impossible to not hug back? Or maybe you are looking for some NA-community pro that can both gfx amazing work and win a game or 20? Akatsuki was, and Akatsuki found. Mirkos was his name, and you'll love him!" ~ Gardover

Alias: Ace, Akat, Suki.
Debut: 3 December, 2011
Origin: Land of Earth, North-America (Virgin Islands)
Ring: Ryo [Complete]

"Akatsukig has only been recently added to the Akatsuki roster of pure awesomeness but with such a short time he managed to impress us, destroy fools, and humiliate opponents 3 - 0, all in style, for the Glory of Akatsuki. He also has a very good taste in music might I add. Did i also mention he also humors us with his hilarious pictures of people getting owned after he wins a battle? You make Akatsuki proud, Akatsuki with a g!!" ~ Hanz_the_dark21


Alias: MM, Alejandro
Debut: 12 December, 2011
Origin: Land of Earth, North-America (New-Jersey)
Partner: Coold
Ring: Hisashi [Long Time]

"MaskedMaster is a very secretive man, not much is known about this lad except that he is masked. What little is known about him are stories that make men like Osama Bin Laden cry themselves to sleep. It is said he once traveled to a Native American village in Arizona and raped every single buffalo and goat owned by the village. After raping these defenseless animals he drained them of their aroma and used this aroma to create a special rape aroma. This aroma allows Akatsuki to rape innocent assholes on flash games. Aside from horrific tales such as that one MaskedMaster is very quiet and shy. MM as we call him though should not be messed with, if you see this man in game prepare your butthole for raping of the tenth degree. He does not carry lube or condoms on hand though." ~ LeeRockMaster

Alias: IceCold
Debut: 18 December, 2011
Origin: Land of Sound (Central America - Trinidad and Tobago)
Ring: Hisashi [Long Time]

"The quiet but deadly coold, he doesnt say much but if you ask him to play he sure won't be an easy game. He recently joined Akatsuki after my brother and myself and always provides what he can to the clan, always joining or, on very very rare occasions, winning Akatsuki tournaments. A great in-gamer and gfxer, he is indeed a wonderful addition to Akatsuki. Our rivalry shall live on in N-A, CoD and in real life. For the most part, we have a Gai, Kakashi relationship going on, and I'm in the lead 51-50 ;). All jokes aside though, I'm glad he made it in. Hes a very active and competitive person and I know he wont let Akatsuki down." ~ Maskedmaster


Alias: Flaredypoo, flared
Debut: October 23, 2007
Origin: Land of Earth (North America - Ohio, USA)
Partner: KurKaka
Ring: Ki (Tree)

"You'd never know flared was such an amazing n-a player. One of the few sane people on n-a, he isn't even obsessed with n-a, spending more time furthering himself in real life (like many people in akatsuki which is what makes the clan so great). At the same time he is no pushover when it comes to n-a, and whether his own teams or some of mine, he'll beat you in a snap if you're not careful. One of my best friends on n-a, flaredypoo always stuck with me through thick and thin. He really is a great guy." ~ Antarctic

Alias: Kurk
Debut: October 26, 2007
Origin: Land of Earth (North America - Tennessee, USA)
Partner: Flaredwings
Ring: Ki (Tree)

"Probably one of the few female members of the Naruto-Arena circuit that pwn constantly, KurKaka is one of Akatsuki's finest members. One of the elder members of the clan, she has asserted her mark by the maturity of thoughts and sensible discussions from anything under the sun. Also a former moderator, she has left an indelible mark on what has been the building phase of the NA Boards and influenced some major progress of sorts since its first release (B. R. Or Before Revamp). Now she continues to be a low-profile personality, lurking in the shadows, ready to pounce any other pretender. To cut it short: She bangs!" ~ LeyChance

Akatsuki Thread -- Akatsuki Recruitment Topic -- Akatsuki Xat
Some-Random-Guy wrote:
What's an Akatsuki?
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Akatsuki Cbox
Alias: Akatsuki Cbox needs not an alias
Debut: It has always been, and always will
Origin: The Delta Quadrant
Partner: Agito
Ring: Ring! Ring?! Akatsuki Cbox needs not no rings!

"An enigma in itself, nobody knows exactly where or when the Akatsuki Cbox came to be. It is said that it decided to inhabit the Akatsuki Forums in order to create peace, justice, freedom, and security to the Akatsuki Forums. Initially the Akatsuki Cbox sat quietly and witnessed the events go by, until the day it began talking. Slowly but surely the Akatsuki Cbox is getting smarter and more cunning until the day it decides to forcefully reorganize the internet into the first Galactic Internet Empire for a safe and secure society which it assures will last for ten thousand years. But for now the Akatsuki Cbox is content with talking with the Akatsuki Forum inhabitants and fooling around with the N.S. Xatbox." ~ Kostas

Alias: IRC
Debut: October 16, 2007
Origin: Akatsuki Cbox
Partner: Akatsuki Cbox
Ring: Agito needs not a ring

"Once upon a time Akatsuki Cbox got together with the N.S. Xat box, after a night of passion they had a kid. They named him, Agito. Agito, the proud son of Akatsuki Cbox presides over the Akatsuki IRC channel and acts as a peace keeper for it. His mighty power allows him to judge who is worthy of being in the Akatsuki IRC and bans those unworthy members. Agito, while generally calm and silent becomes enraged at the sight of cows and hunts down all signs of cows in the Akatsuki IRC. He is said to have an ongoing rivalry with a certain male cow and will stop at nothing to see this male cow destroyed. When Agito's father, the Akatsuki Cbox accomplishes his goal of conquering the entire internet, Agito shall be put in charge of all IRC channels and will exterminate all cows." ~ Kostas


The majority of the older members are now what we call "trophy" members, though they are no longer with us, they remind us of the good times the bad that we went through with them.

Cloudie: One of the girls, was loved by all, especially Silfarion. Left being a major player on NA a while ago for reason I cannot remember, but is still around every now and again, and we still love her. ~ Knightmayre

Silfarion: A veteran of NA even as far as Akatsuki standards go, he was always with Cloudie, and they were one of the greatest couples Akatsuki have seen since Oreacharound and Gaara-Zabuza left us. ~ Knightmayre

SakuraX: Called Sensei by most, or Onechan by myself, she was possibly the first female member in the clan. (One is remembering the first topic made on the Akats forums titled "Boobies", those were the days...) She was one of the best players of the time, and was a major part in convincing me not to disband the clan on a couple of occasions. ~ Knightmayre

Divine_Wrath: DW was a champ, I don't remember him as an original member, but he was definitely a powerful member. He was know throughout the world of NA, by noobs and veterans alike for his greatness, and his playing ability helped us reclaim our place of power after the downfall. ~ Knightmayre

DaleFanWill: Another one of Knight's friends, was an original member of the clan, but left during the first downfall, thinking we'd disbanded. A long time later, (I mean like 8 months or more...) he returned to ask Knight to let him back into the clan, which he did, and he then became a trophy member when he became inactive again. ~ Knightmayre

Jedo: Another one of the members who helped me through some difficult times, was a great friend. He was a powerful force, until certain circumstances caused him to leave NA, he came back for a short while, only to leave again. ~ Knightmayre

Alexandor: One of the lesser known Akatsuki members. Although his was short, during that time he easilly proved to be one of Akatsuki's finest. He always came and went but in the time we got to know him we enjoyed his company and his nack for playing amazingly. ~ Kostas

EvilTom: An enigma of a member, EvilTom was said to possess such evil capable of fueling a thousand suns. EvilTom was one of the earlier members of Akatsuki, although he is shrouded in mystery it is known that he left to pursue his world dream of spreading evil to the world. ~ Kostas

Hyorinmaru: One of the older members of Akatsuki, back from the original NA days. While his time was before that of the golden age of Akatsuki he is still remembered as a fierce competitor and frequent visitor to the top 10 of the NA ladder. ~ Kostas

Mystic_Gohan: Mystic's time in Akatsuki was short, but during that time he was an absolute joy to be around. Not only was he a pain to go up against in NA but he could easilly take you down in real life too, his physique made the Hulk look like a tea-sipping British wimp. ~ Kostas

Pogues: Also known as Crumb, Pogues is long retired now. But during his time he was one of the most active and strongest of Akatsuki. His loyalty to Akatsuki and contributions to it helped advance it through the ranks. When it came down to NA skills he was renown for his bold strategies and crushing offense. ~ Kostas

Chance: Not to be mistaken with the gender confused LeyChance, Chance, better known as Layla was one of the many outliers of Akatsuki. During her time she graced Akatsuki with her wonderful personality and charisma. Chance has moved on to bigger and better things but she remains as one of the top personalities of Akatsuki still. ~ Kostas

Walshy: Akatsuki's very own +100 streak man. Walshy holds a feat under his belt that very few even imagine doing, and even fewer even come half close to achieving. Not to be overshadowed by his +100 streak, Walshy had many other talents but whatever he did, he did it in style. ~ Kostas

NimNai: A member we have sadly not had the time to get so well acquainted with, Nimnai had still proven him, both on the battlefield and elsewhere. Humorous, polite and a knack of cheering people up when they are down, which might come in handy when you lost 5-0 to him. ~ Kamatari

Showstopper_1: A german stud with qualities in football on level with the well known mid-field player Schweinsteiger. He went on with his life within that sport, but left a signed football behind as memory. ~ Gardover

Xistenz: A very old but loyal, humorous member from the previous NA, that was the creator of many of the teams Akatsuki used during it's first era. His combinations of just three characters put together were of great importance and was always popular in the ladder. ~ Gardover

Doomstench: One of the oldest members of Akatsuki from the original Akatsuki dream team that spread fear and terror to all who faced it. Doomstench was not only deadly in his skill but an intelligent, mature guy to have a nice cup of tea with and talk over matters of life. Doom now dedicates his time outside of the web, but will always be remembered as one of the members who helped put Akatsuki on the map. ~ Kostas

Tails: Also known as MegamanX, is a former leader of Akatsuki and one of the most enthusiastic of its kind. Tails, was the driving force in many eras, still steps by saying hi as "the fix guy," but prioritizes now administering Collectoons instead. Tails is also a beast in retro-games and are currently holder of no less than 9 world records! Godlike. ~ Gardover

Shikamaru_nara92: Me and him found each other in a random tournament a random day, as well as the next day, and the one after that. I couldn't resist pm'ing him, and from that day on, we were partners through our time in ICY, Hebi and Akatsuki. Shika was a lovely and vivid guy that will be missed. ~ Gardover

Fallen_Angel: Alice, our Angel, was in contrast to the utmost sweetness and beauty, the #1 muffinmonster of Akatsuki. Her amazing, flashing gfx was first class quality, obviously toward muffins, and if an intense discussion went on, there was never, ever, the slightest glimpse of doubt in her opinion. ~ Gardover

GaaraTheKazekage: If we asked GTK to jump, he jumped, above us all. If we asked him to do a backflip, he took a double backflip followed by flickflack and another triple frontflip360. If we asked him to play NA, he battled the game with outmost strategy, taking everyone on his way, down with sand. GTK could pull tricks everywhere and on everyone. Maybe thats why his alt was named Trick-STAR-? ~ Gardover

Joshdude: Hey Dude, have you met Joshdude? No, not like that, its JoshDUUUDE with a capital Dude. If I am saying Dude a lot, its only to stress than this is really one man you want to meet. Unceasingly funny and eminently likeable, Josh kept things fun and flowing even when the rest of the clan was feeling the tension. - Kamatari

Gitax: Gitax was a silent avenger, a simple answer to any problem Akatsuki had. He was the black clad assasin in the dead of night, with a Machine Gun. The precision edge to any Akatsuki machete slice. I ramble on about it, but this Polish machine did the business in the wars and on the ladders and thats why we love him. Love and fear him. ~ Kamatari

Uchiha_Silvos: Wait, hang on, wait just one second. Silvos left? You mean, he actually left?... As any member of Akatsuki knows, this was and is a common occurence, since Silvos has the record for "Most times leaving Akatsuki" hands down. Even if it was only for the time he needed to write down that he had gloriously returned. All Akatsuki members know though, even if his name isnt lighting up just now, he is out there. So we all hold our cookies tight. ~ Kamatari

Toasty_Smurf: A breeze of caribbean sunshine who could turn up the heat in any clan war but also cool you down if the rays were beating a little too hard. It's impossible not to miss such a relaxed and truly mesmeric charachter, yet we know he has gone on to greater things. Probably those involve saving lives and making love, since we knew he was studying to be a Doctor in his native land of Trinidad and Tobago. ~ Kamatari

Row: Row was there, there for You and for Youtube. His large library of videos are a testament to his lasting contribution to our community and also the community at large. A unique enough player to match his personality, Row always had a new team to leverage into a win. Just as Row was always working for Akatsuki, Akatsuki was always happy to Row his Boat. No, that wasn't an euphemism. Pervert. ~ Kamatari

_R_o_c_k_L_e_e_: He had a great passion for underscores, he truly did. Thankfully for us he didnt spend all of his time unnecessarily adding them to usernames. He also produced much of the best GFX this clan has ever had the pleasure of displaying. His simple clean style and artistic flair gave the impression of professionalism to any clan thread we managed to throw together in the few days before our deadline. ~ Kamatari

K!same: The most popular shark the NA-community ever had, and without doubt, the best player using the character Kisame ingame. If I met Kisame next to the pixelated Kisame, I always surrendered, there simply wasnt hope. The guy was extremely fun to talk to, good with the ladies, and loved sex. Me and Aleks are living proof of that. What got us going was not only his sex appeal, but his avatars were great too! ~ Gardover

P.S. There was also this really cool dude called Deuce, but he is mysterious in his own way.

Akatsuki Thread -- Akatsuki Recruitment Topic -- Akatsuki Xat
Some-Random-Guy wrote:
What's an Akatsuki?
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When the time is right, Akatsuki will arise from the shadows and challenge them who they deem worthy. They may themselves fight the challengers, or merely watch from afar. In either case these are the winners of the following tournaments hosted by Akatsuki.

Official Akatsuki Tournament Season 1
Official Akatsuki Tournament Season 2
Official Akatsuki Tournament Season 3
Official Akatsuki Tournament Season 4
Official Akatsuki Tournament Special Edition
Official Akatsuki Squad Elimination Tournament


Throughout the history of Akatsuki's existence its members have always been leading the way in major tournaments and events. From major clan tournaments to landing on the moon Akatsuki has done it all. Here is a list of all of Akatsuki's or Akatsuki's members achievements since it was created.

2007: Akatsuki's member Walshy gets a +100 streak
2007: Akatsuki gets runner up for the NA Clan League
2007: Akatsuki wins the the NA Clan Cup
2008: Akatsuki wins the NA Clan Champions
2008: Akatsuki member Kostas gets runner up in the first official NA Tournament: Holiday Havoc
2009: Akatsuki gets runner up in the NA Clan Skirmish
2009: Akatsuki's member BrianBr wins The 1st Edition of "Supreme Player"
2010: Akatsuki's member BrianBr gets runner up for the 3rd Edition of "Supreme Player"
2012: Akatsuki gets runner up for the NA Breaking Point

Akatsuki Thread -- Akatsuki Recruitment Topic -- Akatsuki Xat
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What's an Akatsuki?
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Reserved for future use.

Akatsuki Thread -- Akatsuki Recruitment Topic -- Akatsuki Xat
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What's an Akatsuki?
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This post is for everyone that I had to delete their posts due to Hanz needing a new reserved post. I'm sorry, my cookies. I didn't want to. :cry :cry :cry

And it's also Essie's property and she said:
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Well, not first post but at least I'm first page. Go Go Akatsuki. :teeth
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For a wondefull gorious year my loves!

Ps: love you 2 Pedro

For the glory of Akatsuki!

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Go akatuski :cool
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For the glory of Akatsuki.

Pedro cheated.
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the fuck Hanz, I wanna sleep now hurry up


Nice thread, nice job on the first banner oda shit owns
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