Section Rules and Info [READ ME! – 08/22/13]

 Topic: Section Rules and Info [READ ME! – 08/22/13]
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  Posted on December 23, 2011 16:23
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Hello and welcome to the Tournaments section of Naruto-Boards. Here you can create your own custom tournaments, or join existing ones. This section also has extended tournaments hosted by members. (This section is only for Naruto-Arena tournaments, not ones from other games.)

Wondering why your tournament was locked or deleted? Look below for some answers -
Reasons wrote:
+ A winner was announced
+ Host canceled his/her tournament
+ Tournament was Idle for more than 6 hours

If your topic was locked without a notice, or you didn't understand why it was locked, please don't hesitate to PM any NHQ moderator to assist you.

Also, here are some helpful reminders to aid you when hosting or joining tournaments in this section:

~ Refer to this topic: Here To read about the changes to the tournaments / wars section. From now on only these type of tournaments are hosted here:
Tournament-section wrote:
1. Member Vs. Member Tournaments: Example of this style - Click
This is a tournament consisting of members versus other members, this will be the ONLY style of tournament other than Large NB events hosted in the 'Tournaments' section.

~ Tournaments are sometimes stressful, but it does not mean the forum rules are absent in this section. Flame posts will be warned
Commonly wrote:
"Failure" , "This fails" , "Noob" , "dumb-ass" , "This will fail" , "What is this?" , "Don't care" , "Why?" , "Shut up!" , "Stop complaining!" , "Stop bitching!"
~ If you have no intentions of joining the tournament or posting anything of positive value, DO NOT POST. Spam posts will also be warned in this section – this includes "Good luck" posts.

~ Tournaments are not 'mini-chatboxes or Spam Kingdoms', they are for discussion of the matches being played, not a place to talk to your friends.

How do I Make a Tournament?

Here's a helpful guide to help you on how to create, host, and maintain a tournament: click.
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