Hobo and Homeless Shelter Guidelines.

 Topic: Hobo and Homeless Shelter Guidelines.
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  Posted on October 23, 2011 18:11
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August 4, 2011
Hello everyone! We have some new things to better help you in your clan-searching endeavors, so make sure to read on! We hope these will make your hunt for a new clan easier, and possibly funner along the way.

Keep these in mind when posting:

~ No saying 'good luck', 'improve', 'get better at gfx / streak', or any other similar phrases. All 'good luck' posts will be deleted. Just don't do it, it's rude!

~ No Multiple Clanless Threads. Each member may have 1 clanless thread open at a time -- after they've left a clan and are clanless. You need to BUMP your threads; do not make more. It makes it easier on you and us with just 1 thread open!

~ If you don't want the clanless person, then don't post on their topic. No need to cause any drama or possibly get yourself warned, just don't post. Warnings suck!

~ Clan managers (this includes captains) may ask for posts – suggesting their clan – to be deleted if they feel the need to. Please include the post number when asking an NHQ moderator to remove a post, as well as a valid reason. Do NOT pm more moderators with regards to this, one is enough.

Ninja Headquarters Staff <3333333
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