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 Topic: Game Feedback Rules and Guidelines
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Game Feedback Rules & Other Guidelines

Game Bugs and Glitches Section

In this section you MAY post any questions/concerns relating to:
• In-game bugs or glitches

Do NOT post the following in this section:
"It's a glitch" or "Could be a glitch" and other posts similar to these that does not answer, resolve, or give insight to the poster's topic. Posters in this section generally already know that they are experiencing a glitch; there is no need for additional reiteration from you. If you are sure, however, that something is not a glitch or a bug, simply explain the situation.
"Report to a mod," or "Don't post topic, tell mod instead" and other posts similar to these. These posts will be counted as back-seat moderating and are treated as spam.
• Questions, comments, and posts not relating to in-game glitches or bugs. These posts count as spam.

When reporting:
• Check to make sure the bug or glitch has not been reported yet before posting. Looking through the stickys and first couple pages should be good enough.

• Include a screenshot of the bug

To take a screenshot and post it here you must do one of the following:

You could download Lightshot for your browser. This makes screening things easier. When downloaded, you click it and select the area you want screened and lightshot will give you a link for it without need to upload it. Chrome Add-on and FireFox Add-on.

If you do not wish to download any programs:

1) Press the PrtSc button on your keyboard
2) Open Paint (or any other image editing program)
3) Open a blank image and press Paste (ctrl+v on a standard English Windows)
4) Save the image in .jpg format (easier for uploading)
5) Open an some site where you can post images (,
6) Upload the image
7) Get the DIRECT link to the image
8) Open your post press the Blue Image button on the top of the editing screen and put the link between the (Invalid img) tags.

General Guidelines Regarding Glitches/Bugs & In-gaming

• Do NOT open multiple in-game browsers/tabs with different accounts at the same time.
ALL of the below are connection bugs. Please do NOT report them or make topics about them as there is NOTHING we can do about it. Remember that being connected to a XAT chat or MSN does not mean you have connection with the Naruto-Arena server. They may occur anytime, but the more crowded the servers are the more likely they have a chance of happening.

/// A loss without entering game - This is a sign of bad connection to the N-A servers.
/// "Undefined" Messages - Your loss or win will probably not count towards your streak or mission records.
/// A win or loss not counting - This is also a sign of bad connection to N-A servers. Your win or loss may lag to update on your profile or it may not update at all.
/// Losing connection during a play - You may or may not get a message. This may lead on a loss that may seem like from damage, but in reality it is because of a disconnection.
/// Opponent Not Found - You cannot enter a game or find an opponent to start a game. This is fixed by waiting for a short time to pass before searching again.
/// Revival of Hurt or Dead Characters - The characters are not actually brought back in-game; this is caused by the flash player. Your flash player simply fails to show the correct status of your characters. This is fixed by closing your window and opening a new one. Do note, however, that you may risk losing the game due to being disconnected.
/// Icon Glitches - You may experience various glitches with different icons. For example, you may see an icon for Sharingan when there is actually no Sasuke in the game.
/// Balance Updates - Check the Altar and Balance Change Logs here before proceeding to post about a bug or glitch. There is a chance a balance update is taking place which can cause your in-game to experience problems.
/// Same turn - When your turn begins again and you notice nothing changed from the previous. You can try refreshing the game in order to fix it, but be aware you're risking the match when doing so.
/// Negative Chakra / Double Icons - This problem is a result of your game-client recognizing your click more than once. You need to cancel the screen and re-do it. Sometimes a refresh will be necessary.

Titling System

Game Typo and Mistakes Section:
• In order to keep away from repeated typos or mistakes, a title is given to those topics that are stickied. Based on the character and where the typo or mistake is located, the title will reflect the topic's content. As an example, we'll use Omoi.
Omoi Description: This applies to the description of the character.
Omoi Name: This applies to the character's name.
Omoi Skill: This applies to the skill name of a character, or the skill text of a character.
Omoi Class: This applies to a skill classification mistake.
Omoi Icon: This applies to the icons you see during your or your opponent's turn while in-game.
Omoi Mission: This applies to any typo or mistakes related to this character's mission page.
Game Bugs and Glitches Section:
• As any topic that comes here deals with some part of a character's skill, all topics will state the character's name in which the bug or glitch originates.

NOTE: This is not a requirement or rule. However, if your topic warrants a sticky, and your topic does not match the system, a moderator will edit the title.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to send a Private Message to any moderator of this section. Find them here.
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