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  Posted on August 13, 2011 20:41
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Altars are created for Balance discussion and suggestions. That being said the following rules are made to help guide talk on the altar.

1. All suggestions need a reason that is not based on the anime.
-The idea for the game is for unlockable characters to be balanced with starter characters. Therefore a Kage can be weaker than a Genin at times or the other way around. This is not wrong.
Good wrote:
-I think Tayuya needs to be boosted as she can do a lot of things in the game, but can't do anything that amazingly. For example, she is a great mix of removing chakra, stunning, and AoE, however, she doesn’t deal that much damage to support her team. I suggest that we nerf her defense to 10 and make her AoE do 15 to help her team supportive capabilities.
-I think Kankuro needs to be boosted as he doesn't get enough benefits from the huge amount of chakra he uses.
-I think Kyuubi needs to be nerfed as he is really hard to kill in a 1v1.
Bad wrote:
-Kyuubi needs to be nerfed.
-Kakashi needs to be stronger because he is really strong in the anime.
-Kabuto is too weak.
-Tayuya needs to be changed back.
-Nagato should be stronger than Sasuke!

2. Posts that lack content are not allowed.
Some wrote:
-“I agree”, “This^”, etc.
-“I don’t like your ideas”, “Bad idea!” etc.

3. General complaints help no one. Suggest something to be changed or your post is a waste of space. Constructive criticism is great. It means you can actually help fix something you have issue with.
Good wrote:
-Due to the recent balance update Akatsuchi was nerfed too much and now remains costly nin support. He deserves a small boost to his drain skill to make up for it.
-Akatsuchi didn’t need that nerf! He should be put back to how he was, he was balanced. Now he’s too costly.
-Characters are released too overpowered, and now streaks are higher than they should be because of that, they should be released more balanced or even underpowered.
Bad wrote:
-Fu is bad now! BOOST!
-This game has gone downhill.
-Everything sucks now! Bring back old N-A!

4. If you cannot discuss about balance on the altar in a mature and respectable way, then you will be at risk for a warning or ban. This includes flaming the staff (more often the balancing admin), they are no exception. It is not tolerated just like flaming between members.

5. This is not a place to discuss anything off topic.
Examples wrote:
-Posting your own custom characters. Those belong here
-Discussion of potential new characters.
-Soul-Arena/War Of Ninja.

Failure to comply with these rules will result in an instant deletion of your post, and a possible warning or ban.

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