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  Posted on June 28, 2011 21:38
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Welcome to the Forum/Site Ideas and Suggestions section.
Before you proceed in making a topic or reply in this section, be sure to read all of the following.

Topic Creation / Posting

• Duplicate Topics
Always make it a point that before you create a topic, that no other topic with a similar suggestion/idea has been made within the last two months. A list of common suggestions and ideas can be found here.

• Topic Idea/Suggestion and Explanation
Always be sure to be as clear and concise as possible when creating or replying to a topic. This will help members see your point of view more clearly. After all, we want to be convincing.

• Proper Title
Be sure to accompany your topic with a proper title. This will help moderators and other members pinpoint your topic.

• Suggestions and Ideas ONLY!
This subsection is for your forum / site suggestions and ideas. Do not post topics asking for help regarding site, forum, or game issues. The following sections are for that sole purpose:

General Site / Forum Questions & Help
Forum / Site Bugs and Glitches
Game Typos and Mistakes
Game Bugs and Glitches
General Game Questions & Help

• Game Related Suggestions
Game related suggestions are not allowed to be posted here as this section is only for the forum and main site. Game related suggestions or ideas belong here.

Final Note
Failure to adhere to these guidelines and rules will get your topic moved/locked along with a warning and, consequently, a ban. Remember that all Naruto-Boards Rules apply to this section.

If you have any questions pertaining to the section rules, do not hesitate to send a Private message any moderators in the Moderator List under the Hokage Office section.

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