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  Posted on August 21, 2016 04:52
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LadyFapsALot wrote:
trttrfggffffe wrote:
bleach's manga has always been crap, so yeah... (nothing to say that i already haven't)

you wanna know something fucked? remember in the beginning of this arc (think back shit was like 4 years ago) and ichigo was trapped in that cage? metaphorically if you think about it he never escaped it.

anyone want to list their best/worst moment of the manga?

best moment in manga:
ichigo saving rukai (this moment wins on every single level)

worst moment in manga:
ichigo trapped in quincy cage (this moment fails on every single level)
What was wrong with the cage?

the enemy is running around fucking shit up and where is the hero? in a cage crying like a little bitch. and then to make thing worst when he does make it out of the damn thing he gets effortlessly shitted on.

i mean that isn't to say the hero is suppose to be invincible, it was in my mind, and i'm assuming many others that ichigo power level was buffed. Though given what happened, it is fair to say that dude was at the same exact power level he fought ulquiorra on, and even then he need the plot to help him.

so yeah ichigo basically stayed at the same damn level of power for the majority of the story. his only real growth powerwise was during the first arc, everything else was just plot buffs.

Ichigo was never a badass in his own right, except in the first arc. (him saving rukia, granted most of the shit that went down in that arc made him a badass.) point in case

Ichigo just failed to grow as a character after that and became mostly a bench warmer/plot device. the moment with him trapped in that cage just betrays what the character originally was. the only time the true ichigo resurfaced was in the fullbringer arc, it wasn't anything big but compared to the rest of the manga where he is reduced to a plot device with no real feelings/thoughts besides "ichigo smash" it shines.
  Posted on August 21, 2016 05:02
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Ichigo STILL sexy AF
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