How to Make a Manga Series Discussion Topic

 Topic: How to Make a Manga Series Discussion Topic
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  Posted on April 13, 2011 06:43
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If you wish to create a discussion topic for a manga that currently does not have one (you can check the list of manga series here), please kindly follow the specific format mentioned below.

All Discussion Topics must follow the same format. Please use the format shown between the straight lines.

An Image from a volume of the Manga Series [/ I M G]



Notice: This is the official discussion topic for the manga series, ________. Feel free to talk about its characters, storyline, etc., in here. Please use spoiler tags if you are discussing possible spoilers.

Remember, this topic is for discussing the manga series, not the anime. If you wish to discuss the anime series, do so in the respective topic.

Name: The name of the manga
Author: The writer of the manga
Genre: What category does the manga fall under? Action? Adventure? Shounen? Fantasy, etc?
Status: Is the manga on-going and on-air? Or is it completed?
Synopsis: What's the manga about? Background information/brief summary WITHOUT spoilers.

If the manga series you are featuring in your own Official Series Discussion Topic has mature themes such as sexual innuendos/situations, high amounts of gore, nudity, and/or violence, then you must provide an advisory to that effect. Simply place an advisory under the "Notice" section of your topic. Example

After you make your topic, please notify a moderator to add the topic you've made to the List of Manga Series Discussion Topics

If you feel unclear or unsure of the format, here is an example of an Official Discussion Topic.

Also feel free to send a Private Message to any of the moderators of this section if you have any inquiries.
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