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  Posted on April 13, 2011 06:38
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Welcome to our Manga Series Discussion section. This section is to be used to discuss manga series as a whole. Accompanying this section are a set of rules to follow:

Forum Rules
All Forum Rules apply to this section in addition to few rules/guidelines that will help make this section more convenient and overall better.

One topic per manga
This section contains topics that cover most of the mainstream and popular manga series. Only one topic per manga is allowed and that topic will be the main discussion thread for that specific manga. If you do not see an official discussion thread for an manga you read, feel free to make one so long as you follow the guide on: How to make a Manga Series Discussions Topic. Please note that if you make a duplicate of a topic for a manga that is already present then the following topic will be locked/deleted. A list of manga series discussion topics can be found here.

Spoiler Rule
Spoilers are allowed in this section. Remember that this is the Manga Series Discussion section, not anime.

Where to Watch Manga Topics
In this section, we have a stickied Where to Watch/Download Manga topic listing several websites where you can watch or download manga. Avoid making topics asking where to watch manga since we already have this resource.

Remember, this section is for discussing series. If a new chapter comes out, or if you have a specific question not relating to a series, kindly post those kinds of topic in Otaku Chat.

Failure to follow these rules will result in consequences such as warnings that may lead to bans. Take care when posting and always follow the section rules to avoid getting warnings/bans! This section is only for official discussion topics that talk about manga as a whole. All other types of topics must go under Otaku Chat. Topics that do not follow the section guidelines will be deleted immediately.

If anything is unclear or if you have any questions regarding these rules, simply send a Private Message (PM) to any of the section's moderators listed here.


Thank you to Lord_Jure and Slavik-Sensei for creating the basis of these new rules.

Disclaimer: Information/images provided in the Official Discussion Topics may have been taken from public sources such as Google, Wikipedia, and other manga reviewing/publishing websites.
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