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 Topic: Section Rules. [Updated: 1/11/14]
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  Posted on April 4, 2011 04:30
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Welcome to the Team Strategies And Missions Section!

Here you are able to ask for teams pertaining to missions or ranking up to a higher level to aid you in both of those categories.

Section Rules:

1) Do not recommend a team with all characters using the same chakra.
Example: Topic maker asks for a team with Temari. Replier answers with Temari, Curse Sealed Sasuke and Gaara.

2) Do not recommend a team that does not include the character requested.
Example: Topic maker asks for a team with Naruto. Replier answers with Sasuke, Tayuya Sakura (S).

3) Do not recommend only teams 7, 8, 9, and/or 10, it's annoying for the topic maker. Include an additional team as well.

4) Do not recommend the same team(s) as a previous post unless you include an additional team/strategy (mentioning what makes the said team so great falls under this).

5) Screenshots belong in the Hey! Look at this! thread. In-Game Videos and Team Suggestions/Questions (With screenshots accompanied), belong in their own threads.

6) A link to some helpful request formats can be found here. Remember that it's always good to include a strategy when recommending a team, it will be helpful for the topic maker.

Remember that all rules are subject to change, and warnings that are handed out in this section are at moderator discretion. If it seems like something you shouldn't be doing, you probably shouldn't post it.

If you have any further questions and/or concerns, please be sure to PM any Ninja Headquarters moderator.

Credits to the contribution of these rules go to Montaro, DasakeUchiha and Mystearica.
I'm now moderating on the account "martin_miroku"
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