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  Posted on February 15, 2011 01:40
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You can find all sports conversations in this section. May it be about your favorite team, your favorite player, or just you enjoying the sports in general, you have this place to discuss it with other members. You can find the rules for the section below.

1. Topics that deal with comparisons of players or their teams must contain evidence for making said comparison. Poll topics that lack content are not allowed.

2. When discussing or responding to an individuals own fitness regimen, show respect for their physical and mental ability. Flaming, or otherwise insulting, them will be viewed as harassment.

3. When discussing players, teams, leagues and the like, show respect in your responses. Be sure to back up your opinions/assertions in an intelligent and logical manner. Empty quoting and/or posts that lack content will be deleted.

Example Bad Post: "Hockey sucks!"

Example Good Post: "I dislike hockey since there's too much fighting and not enough actual game time."

4. Making topics about betting sites and sites selling fitness products is not allowed. Asking for links to them or providing them yourself will be considered advertising.
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