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The Birth of The BMA, The Bloody Mist Assassins

Three Great Shinobi Ninja's Came Together, To Bring Forth The Bloody Mist Assassins. They Combined Their Powers In The Year 2006. The Ninja's JD, Denay, And Naruto Were Once In A Clan Called Heavens Avenger. But That Clan As Awesome As It Was, It Quickly Died Off. Then Naruto And JD Had The Idea To Make a New Clan, One Far More Unique Then Any Other. However, The Name Took Them a While To Think Of, Because They Both Were Big Fan's of The Mist Ninja. Naruto's Favourite Character Was Zabuza Because Of His Intent To Kill, And How Reckless He Was With His Enemies. JD's Favourite Was Character Was Haku Because His Special Unique Skill's With Ice, And His Quiet Assassin Like Persona. But The Characteristics JD and Naruto Were Intrigued By The Most Are That They Never Gave Up For Their Goals Or Beliefs; They Faught For It Till The Very End. Like a Do or Die Situation. Since Zabuza has a Bloody Persona With His Enemies and Haku Has More of an Assassin Like Persona. JD and Naruto Brought Those To Traits As Well As Them Being Mist Ninja, To Create the Name Bloody Mist Assassins. Once The Name Was Found, They Asked Their Friend Denay To Help Lead, As Upon His Acceptance All 3 Were Pronounced The Clan Leader's of The Bloody Mist Assassins.

The Descendance of a Rise

Some Time Has Passed And BMA Were A Strong Clan, Although We Weren't A Big One During This Time We Were Invite Only And Had Around 40 Member's. But During This Time There Was No Ladder System So The Clan Couldn't Be Ranked. We Faught In Countless Tournaments and Wars We Were At The Top Of Our Game, But As All Great Clans Have Their Light Then Comes Darkness. The Leaders Naruto, JD, and Denay Were Becoming Inactive And As Well As The Members. So The Clan Was Put On Hold, Until The Leaders Could All Regroup And Talk As One.

The Short Return

A Year Has Passed, And Naruto-Arena Changed Drastically. Naruto Came On The Chat On December 1st, 2008 And Denay Is Also Online. The 2 Leaders Spoke Amongst Themselves and Denay Brought Up The Fact That Clans Can Now Be Registered Online. Naruto Was Pleased To Hear This And Quickly Signed Up 'Bloody Mist Assassins'. They Both Recruited Many Members And Soon The Clan Was Ranked In The Top 1000, They Were Never So Happy To See So Many Zero's. But As Soon As The Drive Success Came It Quickly Went. Due To The Fact That Naruto Had To Focus On School, But Now Upon His Return The Clan Would Be Ready To Rise. So The 2 Leader's Spoke And Then Parted Ways, The Members Were Told of This, Some Left, And The Loyal One's Stayed To Rank Up The Clan.

The Twist of Tides

Two months past, February Came And Naruto Returned After His Exams And Went On The Chat, Couple Days Later Denay Came On And JD Was Also There. They Spoke Of The New Formation Of The Clan And So Begun Recruiting. While The Leader's Were Gone Members Ranked The Clan Up, To The Top 700 Ranks. This Was Greatly Appreciated By The Leaders. The Clan Recruited Many Skilled Players And So Got Ranked Quickly To The Top 400, Although The Clan Didn't Have Much Gfx. So Naruto Went To Shop's And Saw Prince's Work He was Really Impressed And Was a Big Fan of Prince's Work. So He Requested From Prince So We Can Have A Clan Thread, Prince Helped Out A Lot. Prince And Naruto Were Starting To Become Good Friends. Then Prince Suddenly Asked To Join, Naruto Didn't Hesitate And Accepted Though Very Shocked. Naruto Asked Prince Why, Prince Told Him BMA's Chat room Was Like No Other, And Wanted To Join. Now The Clan Was Set, Until An Unexpected Player Came And Asked To Join, Jdog. He Joined And Turned Out To Be A Very Helpful Comrade, Although He Sent Like 200 Invites To Random People That He Met In Ladders. We Could See He Was Trying His Best, But The Members He Recruited Did Not Meet The Clan Requirements, Which Caused Some Issues Regarding Letting People In Even Though They Did Not Meet The Requirement.

The Rise

BMA Has Been Climbing Constantly In The Rankings, They Were In The 70's In August, Then 60's In September, And Now They are In The 50's In October. The Gfxer's Have Been Working Hard With The New Threads And Also Members With In-Gaming. The Clan Has Recently Made An Academy For Those That Do Not Met The Requirements For BMA, They Can Join Our Academy BMA-A. The Leaders Created The Academy Because There Were Many People That Wanted To Join BMA But Didn't Meet The Requirements. So Now That The Academy Is Being Made, BMA Give's Them A Chance Instead. We Don't Want To Turn Down People That Want To Join The Clan And Those That Are Dedicated To Help Others Or Want To Improve So They Can Join, So Were Now Helping Them With Gfx or In-Gaming. All Members Make Up The Bloody Mist Assassins Clan, And They Never Give Up.

Disruption of Wisdom

There Is An End With Everything In Time, And With That The Fire That Was Once Lit By The Guardian Diminishes Along With His Existence. It Was Late In The Summer Of 2010, That Naruto Lost His Connection With The Game And His Members. As A Player From 2006, Repetition Began To Catch Up With Him. Naruto Was Just Busy With His Real Life, And Could Not Balance Out His Time. There Were Time's Were He Did Not Come For Weeks, It Was A Saddening Part Of The Clan's History. Two Out Of Three Founders Are Already Retired But Still Manage To Come On When They Have Time. Naruto Was The Only Founder Left, But The Question Was For How Long. During Naruto's Disappearance Many Strong Member's That Did A Lot For The Clan Left Because The Was No Leader. Naruto Did Not Say Who Was In Charge Before He Left, Reason Being Is That No One Was Ready To Take The Position. Many Thought They Could, But Naruto Know's All Their Capabilities And Knew None Were Ready. Like How The Third Hokage Died, There Was A Sense Of Hopelessness For A Period. Some Members Tried To Take Charge, But They Failed Because Members Who Were In The Clan For Almost A Year Left it. Since The People Who Tried To Take Charge, Could Believe They Did Well, However Truly Did Not. Some Members Who Tried To Take Charge Felt Proud To Be As The Clan Leader During Naruto's Disappearance. Although In The Process, They Lost Themselves. The Friends They Once Had Within The Clan Turned In to Enemies. The Depth Of Darkness Which Lies Chaos Is Born, Without Naruto. There Was Disruption Of Wisdom.

Heaven's Betrayal

Coming Soon

Prosperous Flight

Coming Soon
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Ric is an extremely active and dedicated leader to the BMA family. He's usually on everyday or as close to it as he can, providing support and instructions for the members whenever needed. While he has free time in the chat, he's usually open for a good conversation and enjoys the members' constant jokes and pitches in a few comments of his own. Very open-minded and respectful to all the BMA clan and anyone else he talks to. Capable of supporting himself in ladder and helpful with giving advice for teams, he is a great N-A player. His main concern is often that people stay on task and ladder or streak whenever they have the chance. Overall he has maintained a good role model as the main Bloody Mist Assassin Clan leader and continues to do so with the support of the clan and friends he has inspired to help our group with N-A and personality traits as well.


Jdant is the second positioned leader of BMA. Very capable of supporting himself in ladder and streak, he is "the beast" of N-A game, as so he's told us and demonstrated his ability to streak at a fast pace with teams that are considered fair in the opinions of most tournament regulations on Naruto-Boards. Jdant has won several wars for the clan and almost effortlessly he finishes each round with a laugh and begins his search for the next victim. He usually shows respect to all members and visitors of the BMA chat, but will enforce the rules set by the clan if needed. In doing so however, he is always fair and considers all ends to any argument that has or may take place, providing more thorough reasoning behind each decision to bring down the hammer. Jdant is often busy with situations in life, restraining him from coming online at times, but when he does show up at the chat the clan is usually encouraged and more than willing to give him a warm welcome along with updates to anything he may have missed in his absence.

Roia - Denay

Denay is a computer-wise member of BMA. He is very helpful with the clan in fixing various problems such as potential inflitration, anti-virus program assistance, and multiple other issues that we have faced before. Denay is also very interested in the animes that he enjoys and will defend them along with the people that he spends his time talking to. Known to have a bit of a quick temper at times, Denay is usually very energetic and quick to respond in conversation. However, he admits to being somewhat of a slacker but when he does set his mind to his work the results are usually above what is expected. He often enjoys joking with other members of the BMA chat by having conversations about his anime ideas or vast knowledge of computers along with the programs and functions to keep valued information safe.

Prince-vegeta - Prince

Another sub-leader of the clan, Prince is a powerful and reliable asset in game and graphics for the clan. Known to have caused some arguments at times previously, he has gradually become more stable and reliable to hold his tounge when needed. Prince has shown that he is capable of putting some of the best strategies to shame with that of his own. Another valuable trait he shares with the clan, is his astonishing work with graphics. Capable of making most, if not all, forms graphic works seen on the boards; with amazing results. Strategy to match that of a war-directing general, and art skills that skate circles around many, Prince has been of great assistance to the clan and continues to do so while improving his mastery of the Naruto-Arena/Naruto- Boards inside and out.
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If You Would Like To Join Please Fill Out The Applications, It Would Be Much Appreciated. Thank You!

-General Form-Everyone Must Fill Out-
-Ingame Form-Atleast +17 streak and level 31- Ingamer's Only-
-Graphics Form-Graphic Artists Only-

General Form

Alternate Accounts:
Nationality optional:
About you:

Ingame Form

Highest Level:
Highest Streak:
Best Ratio:
Current Ratio:
Are You A Veteran, Middle or A Beginner?

Graphics Form

What Program Do You Use?:
How Long Have You Used It?:
What Is Your Speciality?
What Is Your Weak Point?
Show Three Examples Your Work:

Post the application in the link provided below.

Bloody Mist Assassins Recruitment Thread
  Posted on November 5, 2010 21:23
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~ No Full Team's of Any Kind
~ 8 Man Tournament
~ Registration time ends in 8 minutes
~ Place In The Hall of Fame
~ In Any Case of Glitch, Screen Shot It And I Will Decide on Rematch
~ All Matches Are SD Except Finals Which are 2/3
~ Search Time is 5 min
~ All NA/NB rules Apply
~ BMA Memeber's Get Highest Priority
~ No Same Teams, Nor Are You Allowed To Copy Opponents team during the Final round.

~Banned Combo's~
◘ Naruto + Sasuke/Sakura/ Zaku/ Kin/ Haku/ Kankuro/ Tayuya/ Shika (S)
◘ Kidoumaru + Gai/ 4'Tails/ Minato/ Kakashi/ Sakura (S)
◘ Young Kakashi + Shigure/ Asuma/ Kakashi/ Shikamaru (S)
◘ Kyuubi + Neji (S)/ Neji/ Kin/ Sakon/ Dosu/ Chiyo/ Orochimaru
◘ Lee(S) + Itachi/ Kazekage Gaara/ Kin/ Gaara Rehabilitated
◘ Tsunade + Obito/ Itachi/ Kakuzu/ Zaku/ Kyuubi/ Chiyo/ Gaara Rehab
◘ Gaara + Sakura/ Ino/ Sakura (S) / Ino (S)/ Gai/ Zaku/ Karin/ IBD
◘ Tayuya + Gaara Rehab/ Temari/ Kin/ Naruto/ Orochimaru/ Kyuubi
◘ Yoroi + Gaara/ Shino/ YK/ Kidomaru/ Minato
◘ Chouji + Iruka/ Sakura/ Sakura (S)/ Rin/ Ino (S)

~Match Ups~


~1st Round~

1 vs 8 > (A)
2 vs 7 > (B)
3 vs 6 > (C)
4 vs 5 > (D)


(A) vs (D)> (N)
(B) vs (C)> (W)


(W) vs (N)> Winner!

~Prize: Invite & Hall of Fame Placement~

~Official BMA Tournament #1 Winner ~>Cronic21[Bloody-Mist-Assassins]~
~Official BMA Tournament #2 Winner ~>No-games[ClanLess]~
~Official BMA Tournament #3 Winner ~>itachi_uchiha6th[Kiitsu Society]~
~Official BMA Tournament #4 Winner ~>Uniquee[Strategic Warfare Clan]~
~Official BMA Tournament #5 Winner ~>Shadow()Lord[Immortal_Shadow_Warriors]~
~Official BMA Tournament #6 Winner ~>Cronic21[Bloody-Mist-Assassins]~
~Official BMA Tournament #7 Winner ~>Cronic21[Bloody-Mist-Assassins]~
~Official BMA Tournament #8 Winner ~>Francof-sama [Kokuryukai]~
~Official BMA Tournament #9 Winner ~>V-Reject-V[Clanless]~
~Official BMA Tournament #10 Winner ~>Francof-sama [Kokuryukai]~
~Official BMA Tournament #11 Winner ~>Nizio[Bloody-Mist-Assassins]~
~Official BMA Tournament #12 Winner ~>Rockingmetal![Bloody-Mist-Assassins]~
~Official BMA Tournament #13 Winner ~>CommanderColin[The Immortal Ancients]~
~Official BMA Tournament #14 Winner ~>Nizio[Bloody-Mist-Assassins]~
~Official BMA Tournament #15 Winner ~>Tisdale[Clanless]~
~Official BMA Tournament #16 Winner ~>egas31[Bloody-Mist-Assassins]~
~Official BMA Tournament #17 Winner ~>II_Drake[-Kasshitte]~
~Official BMA Tournament #18 Winner ~>II_Drake[-Kasshitte]~
~Official BMA Tournament #19 Winner ~>Mooseman[Bloody-Mist-Assassins]~
~Official BMA Tournament #20 Winner ~>2pAc_iz_hokage[Flawless_]~
~Official BMA Tournament #21 Winner ~>Dark_swaga12[Bloody-Mist-Assassins]~
~Official BMA Tournament #22 Winner ~>Ricane[Bloody-Mist-Assassins]~
~Official BMA Tournament #23 Winner ~>Naruto_owns77[Era of Empires]~
~Official BMA Tournament #24 Winner ~>Jewish_Homo[Bloody-Mist-Assassins]~
~Official BMA Tournament #25 Winner ~>Clevon[Imperfection]~
~Official BMA Tournament #26 Winner ~>Adil4[Six Paths of Sage]~
~Official BMA Tournament #27 Winner ~>Konohafenix[-Kasshitte]~
~Official BMA Tournament #28 Winner ~>SharinganHeir12[Bloody-Mist-Assassins]~
~Official BMA Tournament #29 Winner ~>Nizio[Bloody-Mist-Assassins]~
~Official BMA Tournament #30 Winner ~>Bounmie[Age_Of_Pirates]~
~Official BMA Tournament #31 Winner ~>2Sam111[Uchiha_Dark_Warrior]~
~Official BMA Tournament #32 Winner ~>Mnato[Espiritual_Legacy]~
~Official BMA Tournament #33 Winner ~>Anbu-Kerasu[Bloody-Mist-Assassins]~
~Official BMA Tournament #34 Winner ~>Roia[Bloody-Mist-Assassins]~
~Official BMA Tournament #35 Winner ~>lil_azn_dustin[Espiritual_Legacy]~
~Official BMA Tournament #36 Winner ~>Patrik06[Georgian Elite Organization]~
~Official BMA Tournament #37 Winner ~>10_Tailed_Jyuubi[Bloody-Mist-Assassins]~
~Official BMA Tournament #38 Winner ~>Nizio[Bloody-Mist-Assassins]~
~Official BMA Tournament #39 Winner ~>egalackha[Bloody-Mist-Assassins]~
~Official BMA Tournament #40 Winner ~>Nizio[Bloody-Mist-Assassins]~
~Official BMA Tournament #41 Winner ~>narutoluffy[Toshima]~
~Official BMA Tournament #42 Winner ~>crasus_97[Absolute]~
~Official BMA Tournament #43 Winner ~>Nizio[Bloody-Mist-Assassins]~
~Official BMA Tournament #44 Winner ~>Kyuubiice[Clanless]~
~Official BMA Tournament #45 Winner ~>itachixtsukuyomi[Clanless]~
~Official BMA Tournament #46 Winner ~>Wallace_Henrique[Smart Kawali]~
~Official BMA Tournament #47 Winner ~>fullmaxkakashi[Exclusive-]~
~Official BMA Tournament #48 Winner ~>kakuzu_91[ Los Incas]~
~Official BMA Tournament #49 Winner ~>*Naruto_Man* [Epicness]
~Official BMA Tournament #50 Winner ~>Ljap_db [-Legends Rebirth-]
~Official BMA Tournament #51 Winner ~>Patrik06[uchiha_family]~
~Official BMA Tournament #52 Winner ~>????[????]~
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Only Clan Leader Can Host!

-No Full Teams of Any Kind
-4 vs 4 War.
-In Any Case of Glitch, Screenshot It And A Rematch Will Be Decided
-All Matches Are SD or LM, Depends on what's chosen at the time.
-Search Time is 5 Minutes
-All N-A/N-B Rules Apply

~BMA Roster~


~Opponent Team Roster~


~Match Ups~

~BMA VS Opponent~

1 vs 4
2 vs 3
3 vs 2
4 vs 1


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Ava's Style 1

Ava's Style 2

Ava's Style 3

Ava's Style 4

Ava's Style 5





Icon's Style 2

Ingame Character Selection Background's

Ingame Battle Background's
Assassins Creed

Extra's More Gfx At The Old Threads

First Clan Thread
Second Clan Thread
Third Clan Thread
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Ricane or Narutohurricane

J-Chronic-xTGODx, Shadow92, Luckydays, R_starks

Squad Commander Head
Ricane or Narutohurricane

Squad Captains
10_Tailed_Jyuubi (Jyuubi) & Ricane
Sasukes_hatred (Hatred) & Cervante & Mukanle (Monkey)
Kratos (BMAB&Chat) - egalackha (NA)
13captian (atsuii) & jiraya95 (drizzy)
Fermin (Ichi) and Starks
Stck & Foxdemonthug (brick)

Squad 1 Freedom
Ricane (NA) - Ricane (Chat)
10_Tailed_Jyuubi (NA) - Jyuubi (Chat)
Stephen7 (NA) - Roy (Chat)
God-pein (NA) - Kakarot (Chat)
-Ayame- (NA) - Aya (Chat)

Squad 2 Justice
Treacherous_ (NA) - Treach (Chat)
J-Chronic-xTGODx (NA) - Rhoj or Chronic (Chat)
Sasukes_hatred (NA) - Hatred (Chat)
DjStereo (NA) - Djstereo (Chat)
Meatiemanplayp (NA&Chat)
Cervante (NA&Chat)
Mukanle (NA) - Monkey D Luffy (Chat)

Squad 3 Blitz
MUDDAKING (NA) - Joko (Chat)
Kratos (Chat) - egalackha (NA)
Nickel18 or s-rankedkilla
Boki03 (Chat&Na)
Nizio (NA) - Imthenewcancer (Chat)

Squad 4 Strike
Lightningblade5 (Na&Chat)
Funny (Chat) - rasendori07 (NA)
SaskeShadow (NA) - Saske (Chat)
jiraya95 (NA) - Drizzy (Chat)

Squad 5 Duel
Luckydays (NA) - Lucky (Chat)
Penguin (BMAB&Chat) - Firebender (NA)
Bking_1 (NA) - Demon (Chat)
R_starks (NA) - Starks (Chat)
Fermin_1 (NA) - Ichi (Chat)
Teddy (CHAT) - Jayjayswords (NA)

Squad 6 Calcul
KristinaRock (NA) - Kristina (Chat)
Tenshi_Mesune (NA) - Tensh (Chat)
Stck (Chat&NA)
Jaelae (Chat&NA)
Foxdemonthug (NA) - Brick (BMAB&Chat)

Squad Genin

Squad Points
Squad 1 = 61
Squad 2 = 61
Squad 3 = 96
Squad 4 = 35
Squad 5 = 56
Squad 6 = 96

If you are not on the list, post on the clan forums so i can put you on the list or post here. Also your squad name can be changed as long as everyone in your group agrees to the change.

This is for points!

The Squad who gets the most points every week is the winner

So lets see who wins!

To be in all squads you need to have a 17+ streak. In two weeks people who don't have that will be put in a training squad until then, they can't be in the ranked squads. For gfxers they need to be active in gfx or they won't be in a ranked squad. Once in training squad if you don't improve or are inactive you are going to stay there until improvement.

This system will help determine who is active the most and who is more dedicated. The winners will be looked to first whenever there is a need for assistance on gfx, ingame, recruiting, board work, and tournys. They will also be looked in to first when new position holders are needed.

~Point System~

~Points For Naruto Arena Clan Tourneys~
- Get First Place In 16 Man Tourny : 10 points
- Get First Place In 8 Man Tourny : 5 points
- Hosting Tourny : 3 points

~Points For Individual Laddering~
- +10-14 streak : 10 point
- +15-19 streak : 15 points
- +20-24 streak : 20 points
- +25 or higher streak : 25 points

~!$ Gfxing Points $!~
Ava = 2
Icon = 2
Sig = 5
Tag = 3
Two Userbars = 1
Banner = 8
Gif = 8

~Recruiting Ingamer or Gfxer~
Great player or artist = 10
Good player artist = 8
Decent player or artist = 6

~Activity on Thread~
20 points per week by who has posted the most.

~Points For Wars~
- Win a Battle : 4 points
- Lose a Battle : -3 points
- Win a 2/3 Match : 6 points
- Lose a 2/3 Match : -5 points
- Win a War : 4 points
- Lose a War : -5 points
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Clan Links

Bloody Mist Assassins Chat
Bloody Mist Assassins Profile
Bloody Mist Assassins Recruitment Thread


Muddaking - Banners, Avatars
Treacherous_ - Signatures
Kaosdin - Avatars
KristinaRock - Avatars, Signatures
Espad0 - Symbol, Winning it in a contest. Thank you!
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-First Post Yeah XD
Bma FTw!
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"We are Pain! We are God!" -Nagato Avenger Sasuke

.:credits to pierreminato for ava+// sig by Victor1177:. ~Chat~
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edit: i really like the Bannerstyle, Pretty nice history much luck for clan
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I actually like some of your graphics, good luck.
Avatar made by Nimetz.

My Farewell
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Thought the clan name was Blood Mist Assassins not bloody O.O

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D'aww I would have applied but I don't meet the reqs >.> Oh well

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