Battledome Rules and Guidelines (09/08/15)

 Topic: Battledome Rules and Guidelines (09/08/15)
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IMPORTANT 09/08/15
Due to numerous battle dome topics created by users in one day we are limiting the number of topics a person can make within a 24-hour period . Each member is allowed to create 3 topics per 24-hour period. If you create more then the limit your topic will be locked and you may receive a warning .

Welcome to the Battledome! This section is for pitting in various anime/manga characters against each other. You can also compare several manga and anime series.

In addition to the regular forum rules, there are some special ones that can help us make this section better for everyone.

Anime/Manga Battles Only
This is the Anime & Manga Discussions section. As such, any match ups in the Battledome with non-anime/manga characters are NOT allowed. An exception to this is when they are matched up against an anime/manga character.

Examples of what is allowed: Goku vs Superman, Naruto vs Thor, Luffy vs Batman

Examples of what is NOT allowed: Batman vs Superman, Black Widow vs Wonder Woman. Bruce lee vs Jackie chan, Barney Stinson vs Joey Tribbian.

How to Create Versus Topics for Characters
You must clearly name all the characters or teams in versus topic and their condition. Note that putting characters from different anime series in a battle is sometimes pointless because of huge difference in power level standards. Good example: Rock Lee (before time-skip) vs Ichigo (before bankai).

How to Create Versus Topics for Anime and Manga Series
When comparing two or more series make sure the series you are comparing are similar. There is no much meaning in comparing some bloody horror with romance anime. Good Example: "What is better, Rurouni Kenshin or Blade of the Immortal (they are both samurai animes). You might also want to add some background information about the characters so that audiences can understand the challenge better.

Replying Rule
You are allowed to post one-word replies/empty-quotes in this section. However, it is strongly recommended that when voting or posting your choice, you put a reason or a short explanation why you chose that.

Spoiler Rule
Spoilers are allowed in this section, please read at your own risk. For more information, click here.

If there is something unclear or something you do not understand about these rules, please, do not hesitate to ask a Moderator of this Section. Look here to see a list of moderators.

Thanks to Lord_Jure and Slavik-Sensei for creating the basis of this new guide.
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