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You will find all rules and guidelines concerning Graphics Class here. Reading these rules are vital for one to conduct and operate within Graphics Class properly without breaking the general or section rules assigned here. We wish for everyone to read and adapt these guidelines and rules so we can enjoy a more pleasant forum without further commotion. Note that breaking these rules will result in consequences varying from minor warns to permanent bans depending on the severity of the violation.


Unsuitable rates are posts that usually contain absolutely no constructive criticism and instead are either denouncing the art or mocking the user itself. Criticism is allowed but it needs to be constructive. Examples of non constructive criticism:
• Expressing your feelings toward the art with immature means like: ":sick" or "fail".

• Posting "ripped" or any sort of variation of it on someone's topic is not allowed. If someone is actually ripping, contact a moderator via private message as soon as possible. Posting "ripped" will just cause a chain reaction of similar posts.

• Simply posting "needs more work", "terrible", "horrible", "nice", "looks good", "fail", ":sick" and/or anything similar is not allowed. When giving out criticism, should it be constructive.

False rates are rates where a user gives another user a rating that wouldn't, by any means, fit the artwork's quality. Whether it's a rate "praising" ,"denouncing" or "sarcastic" the artwork with ill intents, the post will be a warnable offense. Art is about opinions; however, certain boundaries still exists even with opinions. Rates can be ambiguous but always remember to rate seriously or at least positively.

Clone rates & CnC's are posts where a user literally spams the same rate and/or CnC to multiple different rating topics. For example, a user goes and rates everything as 2/10 or 10/10 topic by topic just to boost his/her post count for the sake of others and their work.

Reviving Old Topics are strictly not permitted within the Art Schools and Ninja Works domain. Topics that have not had a post in more than two weeks should not be posted in, in hopes of increasing post count. This of course excludes stickied topics, showcases and classing topics.

Member-Made Rules are not allowed
• Members creating rules for moderators to enforce are not allowed. Only the Forum / Section rules are to be followed.
For example, you may not include something like this in your post: '' "Rate and CnC my signature! If you rate fewer than 8, explain why or be reported!"

Signature size limit is currently: 580px ( X ) x 300px ( Y )

Showcases and Graphics Shop : Every user is allowed to have only one showcase and/or graphics shop. In case you're creating a new one, PM a moderator to close the old one before releasing a/the new one.

Graphic Shops and Requests: When someone is posting a request, replying with "good luck" or "go to a shop" is considered spamming. Only post if you're going to complete the request or directing the user to a shop where the request will be done for sure with a proper url link.

Cheating is prohibited and will result in severe consequences. Whether it's the Signature of the week or a CCC competition, all forms of cheating are strictly forbidden without further note.

GFX - Ripping

What is ripping and what is not?
Ripping in short means that you are using or stealing or slightly editing someone's work and claiming that it's yours. This can include graphics, names, poems and stories, and/or basically any creation or piece of work by a member of Naruto-Arena/Boards. Adding text to someone's banner and claiming the rights of it is not editing, it is ripping. You cannot steal or take anything from the Internet without a proper permission and claim that it's yours.

Ripping is strictly forbidden within Naruto-Boards and will be punished severely if repeated continuously.
If you suspect that an individual has ripped someone's personal work, please contact a moderator via PM as soon as possible.

This also includes the following scenarios;
• Using avatars without permission
• Using a symbol without permission
• Wearing signatures without permission
• Adding tags to your showcase which weren't created by you
• Replicating someone's work precisely

What is not ripping;
• Using tutorials to replicate the original art
• Imitating certain effects
• Wearing gifs found from internet is allowed

Visit the following link for more information about ripping: Define Ripping

-Moderator staff
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