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  Posted on October 1, 2016 22:12
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Game Title: Banned Game
Description: Would you ban the person above you
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  Posted on April 10, 2017 23:37
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I don't know if you can still request stuff here, but here:

- The Deserted Boards game:

Since people spend most of their time referring to the Boards as "dead" and how they aren't as they used to be, I say we make a joke out of it.
Basically it's a story telling game. Without short sentences (between 6 and 15 words) people will tell the story of how the Boards became "like this", just by joking with the situation and by being creative, I guess.

Golden rule: No specific names allowed.


Person 1)
"A long time ago, a storm started to brew at the Naruto-Arena Boards"

Person 2)
"And that storm brought many fires and droughts to the community"

Person 3)
"A dragon decided to swoop by and burn some more players"

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