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  Posted on February 7, 2010 01:07
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Welcome to the Naruto-Boards Debate section, when creating topics and posting follow these simple rules:

- This section is for serious debates. Any topic made as a joke will be closed. This includes topics like "Topic: Cookie or Candy?" with a poll attached to it. A serious debate can't be hand with a topic like that and it will be closed.

- Debates dealing with N-B/N-A, S-A/S-B, and WoN are forbidden. This includes members of the sites, such as the moderating staff.

- Don't post here if you can't handle your posts being picked apart. Do not lash out at others are disagreeing with you or taking your post seriously enough to pursue it.

- This section is only for events that are happening or could happen in the sense of the real world. Meaning topics dealing with anime and manga do not belong here. They will be moved to Otaku Chat.

- Your posts must be logical and have some meaning to it. Posting just a few words lacks content and will not be allowed. Posting just 'I agree', 'Same', 'Yeah', 'Correct', 'Exactly' is forbidden too.

Note: If any of your posts in a topic violates any of these rules, they will be deleted and you may receive a warning.

Examples of what topics are allowed:
End of the World discussion
Should abortion be allowed?
Is Barack Obama a good president?
Are women's lives easier than men's?
Do you believe in God?

Examples of what topics AREN'T allowed:
Who's hotter, Brad Pitt or Wolverine?
What is the best age to start drinking alcohol?
Where do you spend your vacations?
Favorite webcomics
Why did the Chicken cross the road?

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