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  Posted on February 7, 2010 01:06
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Hello Naruto-Boards community, and welcome to World News, a section where you can discuss worldly news and events.

You may make a topic regarding any special events happening around your hometown, or anywhere in the world for that matter, or any tragic ones.

- Do not discuss N-A/N-B news here. Here you can discuss things occurring across the world such as an earthquake in China or a local news story, but news and updates pertaining to the game and site are not to be discussed here.

- Do not just link something. Provide some sort of relevance on why you posted the topic so people can discuss it amicably.

- Show respect when discussing worldly issues. What may be just another news story to one person can be a real life event occurring to them personally, show respect when discussing events as to not offend or upset anyone.

If a thread gets out of control, it will be locked.

Examples of topics that are acceptable:
- Thanksgiving day parade is on today everyone! What are you looking forward to seeing there?
- For all those living in the New York City area, dairy queen is giving out free ice cream today!
- Some pirates are hijacking U.S oil ships.

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