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 Topic: What's Your Top 5?
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Poll: What's Your Favorite Type of Music?
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  Posted on February 21, 2010 01:55
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Haha, System of a down is great, I've been waiting for they hiatus to end for a long time now. Serj Tankian's solo stuff is just not the same, still good nonetheless.
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  Posted on February 22, 2010 23:25
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1:Forgotten-Linkin Park
2:The fight song-Marilyn Manson
3:Puppet Master-Metalica
4:Down with the Sickness-Disturbed
5:Move-Thousand Foor Krutch
  Posted on February 24, 2010 23:07
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IdiotBox wrote:
I've got to admit I'd like to know what kind of music Falco listens to. It's unfair that he didn't post it.

I can guess it's just Lady Gaga.

My top 5:

#5 "What a Catch Donnie" by Fall Out Boy
#4 "Crazy" by Simple Plan
#3 "Where's the Love" by Black Eyed Peas
#2 "Hands Held High" by Linkin Park
#1 "Fix you" by Coldplay

I didn't want to repeat bands/artists...
I'm just a Coldplay / Linkin Park fan...
  Posted on February 24, 2010 23:27
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#5: "This Song is Called" by The Devil Wears Prada.

#4: "No World for Tomorrow" by Coheed and Cambria.

#3: "The Unwinding Cable Car" by Anberlin.

#2: "World Between Us" by Sky Eats Airplane.

#1: "But the Nuns are Watching..." by I Set My Friends on Fire.
  Posted on February 25, 2010 17:27
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1 Aerosmith - Jaded
2 Bon Jovi - It's My Life
3 Avenged Sevenfold - Afterlife
4 Blink-182 - The Rock Show
5 Skillet - Comatose

I personally don't like to talk about my favourite songs because I always have a different favourite song. One per day =p
  Posted on February 28, 2010 22:59
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1.-One X-Three Days grace
2.-My Curse-killswitch engage
3.-Life Starts Now-Three Days Grace
4.-I Almost Told You That I love You-Papa Roach
5.-The Kill-30 Seconds To Mars
  Posted on March 1, 2010 18:00
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1.somewhere i belong=linkin park
2.in the end=linkin park
3.bring me to life=3 days grace
4.Just Dance=Lady Gaga
5.Burnin Up=Jonas Brothers LOL xD
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  Posted on March 5, 2010 01:58
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1)Breath into me-Red
2)The Red-Cheville
3)Dark impulses-Dj Shiva

  Posted on March 5, 2010 02:25
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AS one - warzone
Lookback N laugh - Minor threat
message from bhagavat - Shelter
Signing EMO - Mc Lars
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  Posted on March 7, 2010 23:36
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eminem-lose yourself

the fray-look after

the killers-when u were young


rise against- born to bleed
  Posted on March 8, 2010 09:58
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1.Girl friend - Avril Lavigne
2.Dream on - AeroSmith
3.T.N.T - Ac/Dc
4.In The End - Linnkin Park
5.For Dead - Korn

  Posted on March 10, 2010 17:02
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Hakanaku mo towa no kanashi - UVERworld
It's my Life - Bon Jovi
Take me out - Franz Ferdinand
Lose yourself - Eminem
21 Guns - Green Day

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  Posted on March 12, 2010 00:27
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No real order. Just the top 5 that come to my mind are:
Again by Alice In Chains
Hallowed Be Thy Name by Iron Maiden
Ram It Down by Judas Priest
Don't Stop Me Now by Queen
Rust In Peace....Polaris by Megadeth
  Posted on March 12, 2010 00:29
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Out of those 5, I only like rock. Mostly softcore like Three Days Grace:amazed
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  Posted on March 12, 2010 00:36
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New Divide - Linkin Park
Whispers in the Dark - Skillet
Headstrong - Trapt
Awake and Alive - Skillet
Break - Three Days Grace
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