How to create a versus topic

 Topic: How to create a versus topic
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  Posted on December 5, 2009 20:22
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In Battledome section you can compare various anime and manga characters and series.

RULE NO.1 - Before creating a topic check if similar topic already exist.

Versus topic for anime and manga series - When comparing two or more series make sure the series you are comparing are similar. There is no much meaning in comparing some bloody horror with romance anime. Good Example: "What is better, Rurouni Kenshin or Blade of the Immortal (they are both samurai animes)

Versus topics for characters - You must clearly name all the characters or teams in versus topic and their condition. Note that putting characters from different anime series in a battle is sometimes pointless because of huge difference in power level standards. Good example: Rock Lee (before time-skip) vs Ichigo (before bankai)
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