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  Posted on November 12, 2009 22:33
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Want to discuss a book, poem or other published writings? May it be a piece already out or one you're looking forward to reading, you can discuss all things literature here.

1. This section is not for self-made works such as poems, personal stories, novels, etc. If you wish to post something you yourself wrote, then Writing Class is the proper section to post it.

2. Use spoilers where needed.

Example A: If a piece has yet to be released.
Example B: A writing that has been released and there are people asking questions or discussing what happens.

3. Making posts about obtaining free literature is not allowed. Providing links to them or asking for them will be considered advertising. If it's illegal in real-life, then it's just as illegal on this forum.

4. Try to provide some sort of opinion or discussion to your posts. Keep your post clean of anything derogatory, and be respectful of others opinions.

Bad Post: This book was great!
Good Post: This book's protagonist really inspired me with their intellect and moral standings. I hope the adventure continues along the same lines in the next part of the series.
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