Non-Romanians read this!!!

 Topic: Non-Romanians read this!!!
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  Posted on September 20, 2009 13:11
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~This topic is dedicated to non-romanians!

You're not allowed to post in this section if you don't understand and speak this language fluently! If you post in this section, you'll receive a warning!

Also, I don't care if you used a translator, because you still can't understand this language perfectly. Please don't complain about your warning, and if you want to complain just PM Slavik-Sensei or another GM.

If your profile won't say that you're from Romania and you post, you'll receive a warning as well.

Posts in english are allowed in Spam Kingdom
Note: Romania will have a Spam Kingdom soon.

I hope that you guys will read and obey this rule!

~ Pentru romani, cand faceti un topic in aceasta sectiune, sunteti rugati ca inaintea textului dvs. sa apara un advertisment de genul:
This is a Romanian topic, posted in the Romanian section. If you can't understand and speak the language fluently, don't post. Otherwise it shall be considered a spam and treated accordingly. Thank you.
rak_wraithraiser, Sensei_Sasha.
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