Speak Filipino, Or BE BANNED.

 Topic: Speak Filipino, Or BE BANNED.
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  Posted on June 5, 2007 11:10
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You are currently in Great Ninja Countries > PHILIPPINES.

Anyone who would be stupid enough to comment to people speaking Filipino here would get an instant warning, as stated in the rules. Multiple warnings lead to a ban, so I suggest to think first before typing anything.

TO all Filipinos, kung ayaw nyong maging spam topic ang topic nyo, I'd suggest to speak in our own language. Maraming hunghang na dayuhan dyan na mahilig sumabat, so it would be wise to speak in Filipino and if they post senseless stuff we ban them. Heh.


Please paki-PM kung Filipino lahat ng members ng clan nyo, then we could make a STICKIED thread topic para sa inyo dito. Okies?:blink

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