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 Topic: Welcome! [Section Rules and Info – 12/08/15]
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  Posted on January 27, 2008 22:07
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Welcome to the Wars section! This is the section where all wars related topics should be posted. There will be a maximum of five stickied extended war topics at one time.

We'd also like to remind you of the new types of 'tournaments' that are to be posted in this section.

[Quote=Wars-Section Hosted Tournaments
1. Clan Vs. Clan Tournaments: Example of this style - Click
2. Group Vs. Group Tournaments (Crew, Team, etc.): Example of this style - Click
The main topics of these events and their respective war match topics will now be posted and stickied in the 'Wars' section.

Also, we recommend that you add all rules to your first post. Listed below are some general rules for every clan war.

The clan war will be a x vs x. (Sub x for the amount of players that will play for each clan. Is it a 3 vs 3? 5 vs 5?)

All matches are Best of "y". (How many games will each player and his opponent play? Is it a sudden death match, a best of 3, 5? Replace y for the amount of games).

There are/aren't any rules about what and how many teams you can play. (Will there be any special rules about teams? What kind of teams can't they use? How many times can you play the same team? Once, twice?).

This is/isn't a clan war based on last man standing. (Will you play until you lose? Or do you just play one opponent?)

If a opponent has to leave/doesn't show up he may/may not be subbed but the record stays/ doesn't stay the same. (Will subs be allowed? And if they are, will the record from the previous opponent stays the same or not?)

Example rules:

The clan war will be a 9 vs 9.
All matches are best of 1 (Sudden death).
You cannot play wallers or drainers in any match and cannot use the same team twice.
This isn't a last man standing clan war.
If a opponent has to leave or doesn't show up he may be subbed but the record stays the same.

Optional rules (please note that you can add any optional rules you want)

Do not talk about your opponent's team.
Do not complain when you lose.

Section Rules

1. No chit-chat allowed – war threads do not serve as Spam Kingdoms.
2. "Good luck" posts will be deleted; repeat offenders may be subject to warnings.
3. This is an English only section, posts that are non-English are subject to warnings/bans.
4. If a thread gets out of hand, contact a Ninja Headquarters moderator. If none are online, PM a Global Moderator. Do NOT handle such situations yourself!

That's all folks, have fun! (And love cows!)

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