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  Posted on May 15, 2018 02:39
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Given this shift in Nexon's banning protocol, my friend and others who were similarly prohibited and amazed with the leniency shown this time around once more attempted to appeal their punishment. Their answer to my buddy's appeal simply stated that punishments given for present exploits have no effect on bans issued before. This makes no sense as their first aim is to provide the impression of consistency. This is merely a huge double standard in their decision making. Why should people who Buy Maplestory Mesos just touched items in December remain banned while some walk free? Why is this case different compared to the exploit that took place in July? Many dedicated players that were prohibited have tried endlessly to get their bans lifted, but they have no way of protecting themselves or making their case heard clearly given the present customer care system.

After seeing another participant's recent post about being unjustly banned, I wanted to reach outside to attempt to help my buddy out of this mess. Therefore, I'm making a request to Nexon here to re-examine these eight month old instances and to rethink their decisions for my friend's sake as well as that of everybody else who had been unfairly banned last December.

Players were banned after the December cube exploit for the easy mistake of unknowingly coming into contact exploited items. However, a lot of them failed to appeal the ban and accepted their punishment. When the same exploit occurred this July, milder sentences were passed out, and several people who knowingly had contact with the tapped items escaped their punishment. Some players that strove to appeal their permanent ban from December failed to have their ban raised. According to Nexon employees, past bans can't be appealed using the newest standards. This entire situation is a massive double standard, and those who were banned unfairly must have their punishments reconsidered.

I am writing to ask Nexon the players who were prohibited in December receive additional reconsideration, and that the neighborhood as a whole support these activities. Many people were unfairly prohibited and dropped uncountable hours of effort, and money alongside their accounts. It is something that has to be examined and addressed should they need Maplestory items gamers to still have confidence in their own capacity to actually rather police their own sport because consistency is crucial.
  Posted on May 15, 2018 02:43
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