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Let us hope the recent attention to ?Australian made? focuses debate and leads to some longterm solutions for the Australian furniture industry Eli Apple Giants Jersey , among many other sectors.

On 5 March 2010 Senator Kim Carr, Minister for Innovation, Industry, Science and Research launched Australian Made Media. This initiative will see the products of Australian made licensees promoted via various arms of the media. However, as Senator Carr highlighted, the campaign also aims to ensure Australia remains a country that actually makes things. It?s also about defending Australian jobs and building sustainable prosperity.

?Creative Enablers? is the term coined by the Australian Design Unit (see Issue 4 Wayne Gallman Giants Jersey , 16 March 2010) to describe manufacturers who develop a symbiotic relationship with designers, with each party valuing the skills and processes the other brings to the table. The ADU points out that by having this dialogue and fostering these relationships, both the manufacturing industry and Australian designers stand to gain.

So does the Australian community and models such as this deserve close scrutiny.

Seminars are part of many high profile trade events and details of the DesignEXForm & Function Seminar Series (Sydney, April 2010) have just been announced. Interestingly, one seminar, titled ?Australian Design ? Sunrise or Sunset? mentions in its synopsis ?local designers struggle to survive and manufacturing in Australia is said to be at an all time low?. A snapshot of where we are now and the benefits of supporting Australian design are on the agenda for discussion.

As a designer whose moulded plywood furniture products have been designed and made in Australia for ten years Davis Webb Giants Jersey , I have witnessed first hand how critical a strong, local manufacturing furniture industry is. To make moulded plywood furniture such as ours on anything other than a very small scale generally involves the use of presses, moulds (which are heavy, moved by a forklift), sawing equipment etc. Most small, independent furniture designers have neither the funds nor time nor knowledge to set up factories of their own Dalvin Tomlinson Giants Jersey , so it is common practice to contract out the manufacturing of their own design to an already established, specialist factory.

To make moulded plywood furniture in a commercial quantity involves specialised equipment ? primarily moulds and presses. The designer of the piece of furniture usually comes up with the specifications ? size, shape etc of a mould. There are 2 components to each mould, a male and female part, which come together to make the furniture. Common materials for these moulds are plywood itself, medium density fibreboard (MDF) or concrete. They are often heavy and sometimes a forklift is required to move the moulds around the factory.

There are now only three moulded plywood furniture factories in Australia where the finished Evan Engram Giants Jersey , wood product is of such a quality that it can stand alone ? i.e. not be upholstered. The production at one of these has already been seriously curtailed, in part due to a steady stream of previous clients shifting their manufacturing overseas in recent years. If this trend is not arrested, then more Australian workers will lose jobs, valuable skills will be lost and we risk losing that manufacturing process in Australia.
When you go to witness the Melbourne Cup in its full glory, you realize why is this horse racing event also ?the carnival which stops the nation?. The word ?carnival? is more suited to describe the event since it offers the spectators a thrilling experience, a lot of entertainment and big winnings of money for the punters. The four days of the event have the people in the full celebrating mood. You can find them enjoying music Authentic Aldrick Rosas Jersey , playing games, having the sips of beer and wine, going for picnics and shopping. All in all, there is a lot of activity in Melbourne city and definitely so on the Flemington Race Course. Though the winner takes the AUD$6 million as prize money, the money at stake in Melbourne Cup betting is AUD$150-200 million, a staggering 25 times more than the prize money.

With so much at stake Authentic B.J. Goodson Jersey , the bookmakers and the booking exchanges have their hands full. They vie with each other to get the maximum amount of stake money. Therefore, months before the race starts, the online sportsbooks begin offering the information which is of interests to the online bettors. There will be joining discounts, loyalty bonuses, free bets worth couple of hundred dollars and a lot more on offer to entice the visitors and prospective bettors. The odds begin to feature months in advance and the favorites feature the least odds.

General discussions among the people and the give and take of tips, advice and suggestion heats up the speculation markets and this too plays a good part in the Melbourne Cup betting. Experts provide the analysis on all the electronic and print media Authentic Bobby Hart Jersey , be it TV, radio, internet, newspapers and what not. Bettors use their experience, research, knowledge Authentic Calvin Munson Jersey , intuition, peer advice, psychic advice and even superstitions to place their wagers. Though money might be the prime moving motive behind this, you can find people wagering for a number of reasons. Some do it for fun, some for show-off, some to avenge their self respect for having lost earlier and some would do it under the influence of group-dynamics.

The list of precautions for the Melbourne Cup betting is the same as that for other betting events. One shall not bet out of his pockets under any circumstances. The wagering shall ideally be done after thorough research Authentic Kerry Wynn Jersey , if you are a serious about winning the money. It is advised that the new bettors shall not place the complex bets like the trifecta, Quinella, etc. Though these are far more rewarding and hence tempting, the experienced punters stand a much better chance of winning them. Do not bet if you are going to have the g.
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