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  Posted on March 20, 2017 04:42
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Uzumaki_Naruto!1 wrote:
why is everyone being so rude to this person?

You guys acting like you're all #1 lol
  Posted on March 20, 2017 11:33
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killerspong wrote:
555-666-555 wrote:
Orihime_Chan_01 wrote:
but Sakura's skill ignore the Sharingan, read the skill first before you post topic.

For 4 turns, Sakura will gain 10 points of damage reduction and will ignore all non-damage effects other than chakra cost changes.
Actualy its more fucked up than i first tought.
I did 30 dmg to sakura with chidori, so she ignored the bonus dmg from the sharingan but the 10dmg reduction didnt work because of the sharingan.
It was little confusing
Chidori deals piercing damage, thus the reason it wasn't reduced.
oh yeah i forgot about pierce
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