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 Topic: Rate Sith Emperors CC( No GFX)
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  Posted on February 17, 2017 02:44
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If anyone would like to help me with pictures and template pm me!!!!

Darth Sidious: The only Sith in modern times to become Emperor of the Galaxy. With his vast knowledge of the darkside he can summon force storms and enhance his force prowess.

Force Lightning: Deals 40 damage then 25 affliction damage to 1 enemy. 1 Nin 1 Random Cooldown 2 Class: ???

Master Manipulator: Target 1 enemy,invisible till triggered. The 1 st skill used by the enemy is reflected to someone on the enemy team. 2 Random Cooldown 1

Force Augment: 1 allie's skill's do double damage for 2 turns. 1 Nin Cooldown 3

Force Cloak: Sidious hides his precsnce becomming invunerble for 1 turn 1 random cooldown 5

Tenebrae: The immortal emperoer who led both sith and eternal empire durring the old republic and conquered all in his way. Student of Marka Ragnos his knowledlge of complex sith rituals could warp reallity itslelf.

Death Feild: Tenebrae drains health and energy from the entire enemy team for 25 health and 1 chakra. 1 Ninjutsu 2 Random Cooldown 1

Essence Manipulation: Tenebrae breaks off a peice of his essence,his mind and imlants it into a enemy or allie. If teammate they gain 2 energy and cooldowns are reduced by 2. If enemy Tenebrae cant be targed by thier skills and mental skills are stunned. 1 Genjutsu 1 Ninjutsu Cooldown 3

Force Storm: All enemies take 25 affliction damage for 4 turns. 2 Ninjutsu 1 Random Cooldown 5

Mind Domination: Tenebrae takes control of 1 enemy and turns them to the darkside. Your opponent cannot use that character but gains 1 chakra. 1 Genjutsu 2 Random Cooldown 5
  Posted on February 17, 2017 15:04
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