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  Posted on December 9, 2016 14:27
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what is a good yu gi oh game?
  Posted on December 9, 2016 14:31
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The card game?
  Posted on December 9, 2016 14:58
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Yugioh tag force Special Arc - v

psp or Emulator
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  Posted on December 9, 2016 15:01
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All Tag Force games are worth giving a shot. Some aren't translated and some aren't as story-developed as others but if you're in for the game then the latter the banlist, the better. Arc-V Special is the latest one from that. And Duel Carnival is an unofficial TF for Zexal but has the same concept and all that.

5D's Wheelie-Breakers is actually rather decent if you're used to the wobbly controls of the Wii itself and can multitask like they do. (Literally control the motorcycle and play card games.)

Duel Linkz seems promising so far. I wouldn't know what else to tell you, but it'll lack the banlist updates early game from what I heard.

Legacy of the Duelist seems to be the new thing on Steam everyone's jumped to. I believe story is as big as Duel Linkz's and I'm not sure about the banlist. Might also be keeping up with Pendulums but don't take me 100% on that.

Duel Generation = Grindish, you can play against AI's and multiplayer. It's aight. Not keeping up with the banlist yet either. Mostly like the other two. ^

Dueling Network/DevPro/YGOPro/Scavenger are all down due to copyright and probably won't be back anytime soon since Konami's been taking action in developing new games and aren't too fond of being money stolen. But DevPro can still be played if you've got it downloaded I believe.

Other older YGO games are playable via emulators all around but there's no really point. Story's meh and banlists are from pre new era basically. Unless you'd want it for nostalgia reasons it's pointless.


Tag Force = Most developed story, most popular YGO games. Great concept, major time killer.
Wheelie Breakers/Duel Carnival = Developed story, overall good games 'cause consoles.
Mobile/Steam games = Will attempt to keep up with the banlists more than anything, will have some minor universe-breaking/time traveling story shoved in and the main concept will be multiplayer. Definitely not for the story types.

Simulators = Well, don't expect anything other than mass multiplayer dueling. But hey, guaranteed banlist updates at least.

Emulated games = Nostalgia. Nothiing more and nothing less. You can play it to relive it I guess, they're decent time killers.

  Posted on December 9, 2016 18:29
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If you're looking at mobile game, a new multiplayer YuGiOh! game came out by the name of "YuGiOh Duel Links"
You can get it if you switch to Jap. App Store real quick & download. Not too hard to do. Or wait until Early 2017 for Global release.
It's all English.. which is strange because it's on Jap App Store & not Global.

Anyways, it's fucking good.. like really fucking good.
Has like 79k reviews and it's just about 4.5 - 5 star rating. Obviously done by Konami.
It's set to be more face paced than regular duels & the voice acting is superb.
The game even has 2D/3D cinematic for certain cards when they enter play (Blue Eyes, Dark Magician, Red Eyes, etc.)

I personally believe it beats that Duel Generation garbage that everyone in Global plays because there are no good mobile YuGiOh games but that's just me.
Except that this game has less cards because it's well.. new.
It definitely brings me back though since you start off with nostalgic cards.
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