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  Posted on November 28, 2016 23:10
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thor-gerard wrote:
Kazetzuge_ph wrote:
come on guys lets just stop this zamasu is just immortal and not strong enough to beat beerus and beerus already kill immortal zamasu beerus would only grab him and say DESTRUCTION!!:nuts
then say how he can hakai someone immortal and stronger at the same time?

thor beerus already kill immortal zamasu and stronger? nah zamasu is not strong he cant even handle gukos kameha and black is guko zamasu cant even use full potential of gukos body he is just borrowing it

Look Its Son Guko
  Posted on July 6, 2017 16:51
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Uchiha-Madara(S) wrote:
thor-gerard wrote:
@markellanothony merged zamasu is stronger hakai is shit here+immortal

master234 wrote:

LOL just stop man you making 0 sense

unlike you who is putting a pic to act cool im giving facts

1.beerus was shocked when he showed kaiokenx10 goku

2.champa who supposed to be on beeru's level he shitted on his pants when hti and goku looked like mad on him

3.when goku and vegeta fused into evgito in buu saga they were even stronger than mystic goahn (since they kept with super buu gohan absorded)
remember gohan was 12x stronegr than goku ssj3,goku stated goten and trunks if they have to fuse they should be the stronges person in the universe and could deal with buu
means gotenks in ssj1 is agueable better than ssj3 goku,in ssj3 puts him 8x stronger than goku,buu and gotenks were abotu equal,gohan was stomping buu but he lost th davnge after he fought buutenks means he was 1,5x stronger than buu so he is at least 12x stronger than ssj3 goku if we have to do base vegito=mystic gohan (who is leagues above)
potara gives boost more than 4.800x

5.whis stated goku and vegeta together they should have given to beerus a good fight though this it's clear why beerus was shocked when he showed kaiokenx10 goku

now putting goku+vegetax4.800 (higher of course)+ssb
it's overkill for beerus
merged zamsuw was on par with this

beerus take base goku seriously (god ki) means in ssb he got 50x boost i cant see him being 0,1/100 of merged zamasu
if yes support your points
there is no multiplier for super saiyan blue or potara fusion none of this makes sense, beerus is stronger than him until said otherwise

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OT:looks like guys i debunked your asses long ago
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