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  Posted on February 12, 2017 16:06
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Bitches are going to be wanting the d left and right for a green card. I don't think i'm ready.
  Posted on November 4, 2017 05:59
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Whitney wrote:
No, Trump will not.

If you keep up to date on some of the things he has said, he pretty much pulled a 180.
He says trans people can use whatever restroom they feel comfortable using.
He's not going to overturn Obamacare nor try to fight the supreme court about gay marriage.

To my knowledge he also had a conversation stating he wasn't building a wall.

I personally was dead against Trump becoming president, but he is now, and nothing I can do.
However, I am appreciative of the fact that it seems he just played the entire nation.

His vice president Pence on the other hand... he's exactly what everyone believed Trump to be and absolutely disgusts me.

Not that I think Trump has the experience to be a good president, nor do I like him being president, but I don't think he will live up to any of his hate-fueled bullshit.

Also, Planned Parenthood isn't going anywhere either, so there's that.

Everything he did was just a campaign tool. He stated ages ago that if he ran for president he would run as Republican because they're the dumbest voters.

Also, don't take that as me calling anyone dumb, he said it, not me.
There are plenty of stupid ass liberals too.

  Posted on November 4, 2017 08:02
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lucaslost, nsfate18.
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