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  Posted on October 20, 2016 16:40
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Bleacherreport wrote:
These were hidden deep in this Howard Beck Durant Article that I feel are worth talking about:

What’s more, we might never see a superteam like this again. Because anomaly or not, changes to the system are coming:

League and union officials have been discussing a new labor deal for months, and it is expected to include new competitive-balance measures. Call it the Durant Decree.

The primary fix expected by league sources? A mechanism to prevent another massive cap spike.

Also expected: a rule allowing teams to offer rich, multiyear extensions to their stars before they hit free agency—a feature that was wiped out in the 2011 labor deal.

Some team executives believe the new agreement might also include tweaks to the “max” salary formula to make it tougher to collect superstars.

NBA regular season and post season will soon be worth watching. All satr and play-off finals were the only interesting thing to me watch. I don't 100% agree with this article and i'm not for the franchise owning them as slaves (controlling where player go). I just believe the association can develop a decent system that will balance the teams in the league.

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  Posted on October 20, 2016 16:51
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  Posted on October 20, 2016 16:53
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