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  Posted on August 17, 2016 00:43
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cook u disabled child
  Posted on August 17, 2016 02:04
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You can make anything you eat "healthy", Eat chicken but don't fry it, You can eat meats and it won't be unhealthy, just eat the right amount and make it not heavily friend/ or cooked in grease/butter, and then just eat vegetables, what you're saying is you don't know or don't want to make your own food, but complain that food you can buy made is unhealthy.
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  Posted on August 17, 2016 03:26
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Go vegan, like I did. Pretty healthy. I'm sure you're just looking in the wrong sections/supermarkets.

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  Posted on August 17, 2016 16:21
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You gotta plant your own man, that's the only healthy foods left.

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  Posted on August 22, 2016 00:48
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Lean meat, veggies, fish, you don't find them? there are plenty of healthy food out there. If you eat right, of course. And why does eating rice cause diabetes? Though, according to what I know, eating large portions of rice at night before you go to sleep may lead to weight gain. Almonds, nuts, and yogurt are healthy for late night snacks. Just do some good research
  Posted on October 26, 2017 05:37
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Sometimes "healthy" foods in grocery stores are tempered with to make them grow faster or bigger I would suggest a grocery store called whole foods you can Google Putlocker,
  Posted on October 26, 2017 06:51
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anything in a storeis bad for you.theres really no natural foods left.all plants have been genetically moddified just like are meat..Nothing is healthy.Gmo veggies=Oxymoron
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