Signature of the Week #19

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 Topic: Signature of the Week #19
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• You can enter only 1 signature into this contest.
• Collabs are not allowed (only if its the theme)
• Once you have entered a signature, you may not change your entry.
• The signature must fit the theme chosen.
• The signature can be any size within the limitations of this forum (580x300 pixels).
• The signature cannot be pre-made.
• Ripping of any kind is strictly forbidden and will automatically ban you from the contest.
• Do not mark your signature with a symbol, text, or any other mark that could identify the creator.
• Use an anonymous uploader such as Imgur or Tinypic.
• Cheating will result into a permanent ban from this contest.

Make sure to read the Official Contests rules here before participating in any contest.

• All entries must submitted by Saturday.
• Send your entry via private message to the OfficialSOTW account with the title “SOTW Entry” The message should embody:
- a link to the entry (or the image itself, placed between image tags)
- next week’s theme
- a link to your showcase (if you have one).
• The entries will be put in a voting topic that will be opened for 24 hours.

Disclaimer: If there is a draw, the voting will not be closed unless one of the entries gets a new vote.

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