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  Posted on March 23, 2016 23:18
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Have you ever tripped and fell and been glad you did so? Weird right? I mean who in their right mind would trip and think “Wow I can’t wait to do that again!”. That’s what I’m saying, no one would. I like you, you get it , I can sense that you know the real enjoyment is in the fall itself. That’s why I figure you should just get real high up and leap. Wouldn’t it be more enjoyable? Not to mention it would last longer right ?
(By the way, I’m not telling you to kill yourself I promise)
. The only real downside I can see, besides the obvious one, is the lack of excitement. As if plummeting toward certified pain wasn’t exciting enough, do it enough times from the same height and you’ll know exactly when you’d hit the ground. But , that’s the thing about tripping, its ALWAYS exciting. You can’t trip on purpose, that’s just called dropping, that being said you never know exactly how long the fall would last when you “trip”. And that single blind element that enters the equation to change one word to the another is the exciting thing. This new word called “tripping”, rattles a mass of emotions some of which you’ve never felt before. It’s somewhat of a unique feeling, one would call it. Ooh for fucks sake I thought you were smarter than this, do I have to spell it out for ya? IM TALKING ABOUT LOVE HERE PEOPLE.
Not that I should though I can’t say I’ve ever really felt.. fell if you know what I mean. Well actually …. There was this one time. Summer of 08 I believe it was. Yes, Yes I know what you’re thinking “You were TEN! No way you were in love.” And to that my response is, ... fair enough, well lets simply call this stumbling rather than falling.
Now where was I.. Ah yes as I said before it was the summer of 08 we had been driving for hours when we finally arrived at a plus size resort complex with nearly the same stature of my own school and church combined. Me, my mother and me brother were going to be staying in this beach resort room my mom had bought for the summer so that she could have some time away from her (then) Husband and also ,relax a little. I watched as my mother got out of the car shutting the door behind her, approaching the flat when the door suddenly opened. In place of what was previously the door stood a strong and confident man smoking a cigar. It was then that something had drawn my eye. To his left, stood a girl with flushed skin and a corky smile, staring up at my mother. She had Root beer brown hair and misty gray eyes. I knew, even then, that she was gorgeous . I got out the car, grabbed my bag with the game system inside and stood behind my mother confused. Turns out we were at the wrong room and those two were just about to go down to beach when we came upon them . My mother and the man really hit it off though and just stood there and chatted for a while, all the while I stood behind me mom playing my game, quietly . When she left I followed, the girl still standing there. She said something to me, I couldn't quite make out what it was, so I continued to walk past her with my head down and my luggage in me arms, ignoring her outta fear.(Then I was afraid of girls, all guys are. If one tells you he wasn’t, he’s a liar all guys are that too.) Then the man caught up to my mother before we got to far and offered that we came to the beach with them. We spent the next two months on that beach.
To this day those where the best two months of my life. Me and her grew close over the course of that time. Or at least I grew close to her. I never could really be sure of what she was thinking she was mostly a mystery, but there was one thing I was sure of. I liked her, a lot. There wasn't a second that I spent around her that I did not enjoy. We would use or imagination and play games like really weird ones now that I think back on it. There was this one were would just take turns handing each other fake money back and forth and whoever had the most money at the end won. Or we would pretend workout with each other using her father’s light weights .
It grew to the point between the two of us that we didn't even have to make a joke or talk to enjoy each other’s company. We could just look at each other and simultaneously begin to laugh because that’s just what we felt like doing. When we went swimming or bike riding I would try to flex and show off as much as possible although I don't think she ever noticed.
A few weeks before our mark for our departure I feel she grew bored of me though. Sometimes I found me laughing by myself and when you’re the only one who thinks its funny odds are that it isn't to funny.(I thought that last line was pretty funny by the way I guess my humor could be put in question right about now) I might of been getting desperate for attention at that point though and just laughed at anything. She started hanging out with my older brother more who was only a couple minutes older than myself.
(Different Dads {or at least I like to tell myself that})
Though it didn't seem like I spent any less time with her I still didn't like the idea of her with another boy.
(That's what I like to call Playground Drama)
Possibly selfish of me but I wanted her all to myself and didn't want my brother anywhere near her. Even though it was obvious that he didn’t like her in the way that I did, I just always got the feeling that one day he would see her awesomeness and try to steal her from me. Psshh like he could I'm usually not one to brag but I look way better than my brother. I never tried to let on that I liked her though, but I think she sort of knew it. She was goofy in that way you actually never knew what she knew and didn't know.
A week before we were set to leave her and her father went sight-seeing for a job of his, He was a photographer. I really hadn't noticed how quiet and boring it was when she wasn't home. We had brought a game system and there was On Demand at the house (If you know what that is) but all that stuff seemed boring and futile at that time, I was less entertained with them honestly. I found myself wandering through the flat quite a lot .When a car pulled up, I went to the window to see if it was them.
They ended up coming home late, the night before we were set to leave, I was waking about the time they arrived. When my mother woke me in the a.m to set forth on our journey I noticed them pulling up . They had only just arrived. I did not want to knock on their door because I imagined she was exhausted and when I thought of her sleeping she seemed so at peace and it felt sort of odd knocking so early in the morning. Her father was up though, I could see him watching the tele through his window. I quickly gathered my luggage and waited in the car.
My mother thought to say her goodbyes also, only difference is she actually did .Like usual their conversation lasted ages so I did wined up seeing Nicole (That was her name)
before we left.
When she woke she walked outside and we climbed the tree in front of our rooms. We stayed up there for a while in silence I obviously did not want to leave. Also I didn't want to say much. When I looked at her she didn't seem to sad she just smiled and climbed even higher. I don't know if she liked me, not even sure if I was imagining it all or if it was all real. We left a couple minutes after my mother was finished talking to her dad and all the luggage was packed in the car and ready. When we left I told her *Bye* which is interesting because a little fact about me is you will never hear the word *Bye* come from my lips unless I am not planning on seeing you in a while or I am sad I am about to leave you, or you’re about to leave me. In this case all three applied.
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Reserved if i ever read this.
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Wall of text = hard to read
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Short not so Short...
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