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• One win equals 5 points
•Runner-ups receive 1 point
•Top 3 winners of special contests are given:
- 10 points (First place)
- 5 points (Second place)
- 1 point (Third place)
•Each week, the person with the most points will stand atop the leaderboard, in first place. The next person, holding the closest amount of points, will be in second place, and so on.
• Each season lasts 6 months.

• Winner gets their showcase stickied for one week.
• Winner gets to choose next week’s theme.
• Winner will be handed points accordingly on the leaderboard.
• Twice a month, during a random weekly edition, an inactive account will be rewarded to the winner of one of the weekly contests.

For reference, check which accounts are labeled as "inactive accounts" here.

• Each season's winner will get a special banner within the Custom Character section, pertaining to their grand achievement.
• The season's top 3 winners will receive a mini-tag.
• The winner of each season will receive the opportunity to work with the administrators on an event character.
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