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  Posted on January 22, 2016 15:20
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MADARA wrote:
trump all day
  Posted on January 26, 2016 23:06
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GhostMyth wrote:
DiMcHu wrote:
Funny thing is americans think they live in their own country, even tho they're all immigrants on it, judging by that if Trump wants to deport emigrants, he has to deport the entire USA. Another thing is USA is that big thanks to all the immigrants, not the dumbfucks who call themselves americans.

America as a nation was established by Europeans. All technological gains, political enhancements, quality of life improvements, structural achievements, social achievements, and scientific achievements were done by those people we all now gladly call Americans. The Europeans established America, so they must be Americans.

Besides it's our country we can do whatever we want lmao

EDIT: Also he only wants to deport illegal immigrants
America was established before the Europeans arrived. Sorry. :3

I can't even.The United States of America was established by Europeans first yes, but there are many other races that come into mix. These people from ALL OVER THE GLOBE are what we call Americans today. Just to add a bit of spice, without birthright citizenship none of the Americans today would technically be Americans.

The country is made up out of immigrants that's true. In periods of American history which ever immigrant was coming in the most was treated with hostility, it's just how America works. Trying to establish a culture while adding different cultures causes clashes.
  Posted on January 26, 2016 23:58
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Not a trump supported but that guy dominating them polls. Not to mention his rally's usually consists of more people than of democratic senators combined lmao
Honestly I think trump will win.
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