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  Posted on January 8, 2016 22:50
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Light wrote:
There's actually a cannon reason for no jiraya.
The ocean jiraiya fought pain over is too deep for any human to conceivably travel to the bottom of or so kabuto claimed when he mentioned as to why he didn't reanimate jiraiya.
As for kishimoto's reason i could be wrong on this because i can't find a source but im pretty sure at one point somewhere he said he didn't bring back jiraiya because he thought it would be too dark and emotional for the series to have naruto tsunade and them fighting jiraiya.
Oh yes , i remember i have heard this , or atleast similar to what you are saying and i agree that it will be dark, but that´s what i want to be honest.
Naruto series is already pretty dark with Naruto :
Losing his parents , his best friend , his sensei , i could go on forever
Not only Naruto had something to lose...
When Shikamaru , Ino and Chouji lost you know who , that left a big hole in everyone´s heart, so i don´t see why Kishimoto doesn´t want to ´´spice´´ the series up if i may say so.
(can´t find the word that i´m looking for but you get the point).
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